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November 29, 2008

Broadcasters; Turn every listener into 5 more with this viral strategy.

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Broadcasters.     You aren’t Hopin’ n Wishin’ listeners will find you;   Are you?

Here’s how you can turn every song request into 5 more listeners by transforming your request form into a non-stop, marketing machine and become rich and famous without lifting a finger or even caring how it works.

It starts with a “Show specific” request form complete with branding banner in an easily remembered URL .

After request submission. … The “Thank you!” page would present an idea or offer for consideration. … Heck you have their attention. We should take this opportunity to engage them.

Naturally; … This listener will be receiving a “Thank You!” email with a form that encourages them to tell 5 friends about your broadcast. and an incentive (Win a Trip to Disney, 4 Movie Tickets or similar). for telling all their friends.

Since this “Hey look what I’m listening to!” is from someone the recipient knows …. Open rates are extremely high. (….. and don’t even think of harvesting these friends’ addresses).

If you think your fame and honeyed tones alone are enough to attract millions of listeners to your broadcast …. Then the place for this idea is in the dumpster.

…. On the other hand ….. If the idea of turning every listener into a fanatical evangelist for your broadcast is an idea you could get used to … Click on this link and let’s get you the whole story.   (… and if it doesn’t cost anything to take a look;   Is there isn’t any reason you wouldn’t?)    Click Here

Your Stumble and/or comments welcomed and appreciated.

To your fame and fortune.

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November 28, 2008

Surprised and nervous about this new Christmas wind.

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I no longer act incensed in front of a store full of customers when wished “Happy Holidays” by merchants and had to pinch myself while arising this morning and hearing Canadian Tire radio commercials containing the words “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas shopping”.

Listening to the morning drivel on the same radio station; I then learned that Lowes Stores were greeting shoppers with “Merry Christmas” and had even festooned their stores with a banner proclaiming the same wishes.

…. and that’s not all. ……. Our very own esteemed Provincial Premier was caught on tape suggesting that we support the economy by continuing our “Christmas Shopping”.

Can’t help wondering if there’s a sinister movement afoot and were being softened up for some major social diversion like grading school children according to their test scores, suspending Ritalin use or even returning the Ten Commandments to our schools.

If the 100,000 kids who used Facebook to get our Premier’s attention over proposed changes to young driver’s laws get wind of this …. We may even have “happy holidays” removed from municipal neon signs and even have “Merry Christmas” included.

I’m getting nervous ….. This is strange behavior.

See also: 68% of American adults Prefer “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” Survey results here


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November 27, 2008

Kicking the door wide open when broadcasting.

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Last night I learned that an Australian Twitter friend , Hayley Solich (Twitter @Womencan) was broadcasting her show and promptly alerted all my pals to listen in via the Internet and suggested they send emails to “assist” her.

A big plus for the Internet is that whether our interests are in babies or boats; We get to meet and exchange exciting ideas with similar minds all over the world. See Towncrier’s Resource Map. … Click Here

… and since the net is so fast; Results are instantaneous.

When I heard “You are the wind beneath my wings”; I though it was for me but alas, my request from Canada doesn’t seem to have been received. … (A bit miffed but I’ll get over it).

Apart from having invested 2 minutes of my life promoting her show and being so pointedly ignored …. I enjoyed her show and the love for her audience comes through loud & clear.

So here’s the “Hot list” for when you’re using conventional radio to broadcast.

1. Keep a “For broadcasting uses only” Twitter account open and interact with your Twitter listeners (Make sure you mention their Twitter name & URL).

2. Mention your Twitter account frequently and build your Twitter Friend Force

3. For listeners who don’t/can’t/ won’t use Twitter …. Keep a simple chat box open with your banner ad across the top and interact with them. (See Towncrier’s Chat box … Click Here ).

Heck! … You’re talking to a couple of hundred thousand people who want to be there ….. Kick the door wide open and maximize it!

Get to know Hayley …. She’s a smoking Aussie gal who is doing a fabulous job in her community, both on and off, air.

I’m sure she’ll be posting her contact details in the comments below. ….. and would it kill ya to comment, too?


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Sir Richard Branson’s Stripped Bare.

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Sir Richard Branson has a knack for leveraging his activities and getting the media to do the promotion for him.

This time Sir Richard let loose a horde of partially clad business types (Complete with bowler hats & umbrellas). on the streets of London to promote his latest book.

I’ve no stats for you but you can bet the combination of his name and the novelty of this promotion made the networks pay attention to this latest bit of mischief.

Enjoy! Then tell us your ideas for a zany promotion.

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November 22, 2008

Special handling for demanding customers.

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As much as we would like to …. There comes a time when a client’s incessant calls with “Just a quick question” are stealing too much of our life.

This experimental video might give you a few ideas for getting the message across and put an end to flushing your life down the drain from jumping through unreasonable hoops.

Pay particular attention to how Towncrier’s overpaid, bone idle Prima Donnas have embedded links in the video to supplemental resources presented in video format.

When it’s time to give a nuisance client a strong nudge …. Use these tongue in cheek ideas in the video below ….

If a picture is worth a thousand words …. A video does a better job than even ten thousand can.

Icon Info  Here

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Enjoy ..

Teddy Towncrier CPP Towncrier-Media.com Supercharging Your Visions.


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November 21, 2008

Whose fault is it your church is 75% empty?

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Our Anglican (Episcopalian) church had some challenges and the Diocese was threatening to sell our building, too.

The building was worth a million dollars and even though the congregation had paid for it …. The Diocese owned the building.

This church motto was “Serving for 150 years” and they really did serve many needs of the community.

It seems to me that many churches haven’t clarified “Who are we serving? … Church members or the community?”   Since communities are constantly changing … It might be a good idea to appeal to and serve the community or attendance will continue to shrink as members move away.

7 years ago;   During the service; A call came for participation in a membership drive and I attended.

Being ‘an outsider’;    I considered it prudent to ask carefully considered questions rather than swamp the establishment with ideas and when called upon;   My question was “Has anyone attended a Congregation Building Workshop”? …. Silence … then a meek “No”.

Second time around my statement was to the effect that we needed a “Wow Project” which would get us some press. ….. The consensus was that the press weren’t interested in church news! … My retort was “That’s not true!” and awaited requests for ideas to change that. … Instead I received an email to the effect that ” I’ve never been called a liar in all my years service to this community”.

My changing community is a pearl in the necklace of Metropolitan Toronto.    Only 10 minutes from the downtown bright lights & corporate towers. … Yet we enjoy Lakeside Parks, swimming pools , kids playing hockey in the streets and the neighbours know and support each other.     We’re a community that’s growing from the influx of many young families all of which are computer savvy and have at least one computer.     To visit us   Click Here

Here’s what I had up my sleeve ….. The 1st Baptist of Barrington, IL were close to the interstate and had installed a WiFi Hotspot.     I recall reading that this was a major factor in this church’ success since it clearly conveyed an impression of a progressive church. … I had one in my back pocket and would have been glad to donate it but elected to keep quiet about it..     (Do you think a press release about a church WiFi spot and a few phone calls to reporters would get us some local and possibly international, press? …. Of course it would; WiFi being a novelty 7 yrs ago).

Hidden Bright idea No2. ….. Offer all the members a church based email address (I.E. Teddytowncrier@bigchurch.com)    When I enquired;   The church webmaster informed me the reason that only 2 email addresses were available from their ISP is because “That’s all we need”. …. Case & mind closed.

Hidden Bright idea No3. ….. Emulate the big advertisers and install bumper stickers on 1,000 cars in the community …. “My kids & support go to Http://bigchurch.com”    (Offer the children a prize for who can install most bumper stickers ).

Hidden Bright idea No4. ….. Fire the treasurer’s nephew as webmaster and create an Internet Presence that oozes excitement and motivates readers to come & worship with us.      (On every page; Include a mailing list subscribe and a link to the events calendar).

Hidden Bright idea No5. ….. Our priest had been ill for an extended period and was not returning.  The fill in priest had a wonderful presence and I approached him with the idea of him being the star in our “Welcome video” on the Home page. ….. The idea went to committee and you can image what happened.     If he had declined …. I’d have leaned on some actor friends and do an even better job .. for free.

Hidden Bright idea No6. ….. Web calendar that showcases Church events and activities.

Hidden Bright idea No7. ….. Half the world is single!   What does your singles ministry look like to some-one browsing your site?   Hate to brag but ours was so successful that we were drawing members from other major churches.   (Eastern Airlines even donated a 1011 to us for the evening.     and …Yes! It did create some buzz ).

Here’s my question for you:    If you were new to the community and seeking a spiritual home. … Would you prefer to spend your precious time and money driving to all the local churches?  Or;  Invest an evening on the net and see what the local churches are made of?

We only get one chance at a first impression and another limp handshake and weak smile in the narthex comes a poor second to a high energy Internet Showcase for those who are really seeking a spiritual home for their family.


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Giving the auto industry all the help we can.

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Let’s give the auto industry all the help they really need.

I’m saddened to hear the press and talking heads continue blathering on about automobile executives taking their own transportation to meetings.

When 6 million jobs are in these executive’s hands;    I don’t suspect the employees would object to chipping in one cent each to get their bosses to meetings at which the livelihood of their families hang.

Shame on government officials for holding up these execs to ridicule.     These same officials hold their strategy meetings in private. … Why is it so unreasonable for auto industry management to avail themselves of the privacy and time maximization that corporate aircraft provide.    You don’t expect them to address vital matters and make telephone calls in an airport coffee shop …. Do you?

I wonder which of these criticizing congress persons will be giving up their executive travel comforts and take the bus when visiting their constituency.   Get real and take care of the necessary such as insisting that foriegn auto makers open up their markets to our automobiles.

The auto industry executives have created products that have been the envy of the world for decades and are charged with the responsibility of providing the daily bread for millions of families.

Let’s give them our confidence, support and prayers and tell the nay sayers loud and clear, where the bear really poops in the berry patch.

Your comment and/or Tumble or digg appreciated.


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November 16, 2008

Latest Tweetlater tweak helps you put real meaning into “Customer Care”.

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A new feature at TweetLater.com alerts you about new replies to your posts.

We sometimes get so busy and don’t get around to checking for Twitter @replies that were sent to us in Twitter.

Paying attention to replies goes a long way to building relationships.

I kinda go, “Oops,” when I do log in to my account and see there were several @replies that I really wanted to know about.

With TweetLater’s Twitter new account automation, you can ask the system to periodically email you a digest with the new @replies that you’ve received.

Now with the new digest email, you can quickly scan through the @replies to check if there are any that need immediate action.

To activate this feature on your account:

1) Log in to TweetLater;
2) Click the Automation button for your Twitter account;
3) Scroll down to where you see the new “Optional @Replies Digest Email” box;
4. Make your selections there and click the Save button. Within the next 10 minutes TweetLater will send you the first digest email.

This first one may be a bit on the long side, depending on how many @replies are found.

Thereafter the system will send you emails with new @replies at the frequency you requested, but only if there were any new @replies on your Twitter account.

Help Me Fill A Salvation Army iKettle … Click Here



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November 14, 2008

Help me fill a Christmas Kettle.

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A few years ago;   A substantial, unexpected windfall arrived along with a voice in my head that said … “Remember Hot-Shot! .. This isn’t your money .. You’re only the custodian and I’m watching”. .. (True incident).

What’s a fella to do except share part of his windfall, take his skinny carcass over to the local Sally Ann and make a donation.   ( Haiti had recently been devastated by a hurricane and since they have so little to begin with;   I specified Haiti support).

While leaving the building; My phone rang and it was a colleague offering me a clean, no-brainer, proposition that would put $5,000 in my pocket.  ( How’s that for an Eye-Popper)?

Although the deal was mine for the asking.    We didn’t do the deal.

Fast forward to mid November 2008.     While getting started on my day, this morning;   Target Stores’ policy of not allowing Salvation Army Kettles in their stores, popped into to my mind.     Further investigation clearly indicates that while the policy seems to still be in place;  The Salvation Army enjoys a valuable relationship with Target Stores.

A few hours later;   I noticed a Twitter follower @Lovinkat mentioning the Sally Ann’s Red Kettle appeal and investigated the post ….. and here we are!   ( Another eye-popper? )

I’m fully aware that only the best people are in my circle, all pure as driven snow and none would dream of dropping an extra fifty in the collection plate as “Insurance”.

Additionally;   I don’t suspect that any of my associates have ever had accounts receivables so crushing that they haven’t been able to buy the week’s groceries or had to miss a car payment … but I have and on occasion had to go cap in hand to outside sources.   For many it’s The Churches that step into the breech.

Today … We have an opportunity to share the blessings we have been entrusted with. …. Many are hurting and all the Food Banks are skinnier than they have been in ages.

Take a moment to drop a few dollars into this brand spanking new, Salvation Army iKettle.   (No guarantees of “Insurance” but it won’t harm you).    … and remember …. There’s never a U-Haul behing the hearse so you won’t be taking it with you.

Here’s where you can help me fill my kettle. ….. Click Here


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November 13, 2008

If we can bitch … We still have a chance.

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Izzie was a mature Jewish gentleman who had emigrated to Canada, sought opportunity in a strange land, pursued his vision with passion and energy and is now a successful, respected developer owning several multi-story apartment buildings.

This treasured client had a number tattooed on his arm (As many of my clients did). and Izzy’s greatest gift to me was his philosophy of … “Ted;  As long as we can bitch … we still have a chance!”.

I arrived home tonight and my home was still standing.    I’ve traveled for several hours through this metropolis and never feared being blasted off the planet or being accosted by soldiers or roving bandits.     and … “Praise the Lord!” … The electricity still works.  Would you agree? … Compared to many others … We have it pretty good?

Amin lives in the Middle East where monstrous concrete walls, sanctions, restrictions, barbed wire, soldiers, rockets and dynamite are making life very difficult for his family and many others.    Even so;  Even with these horrible restrictions;   Amin and his neighbours can obtain almost everything they need whether it be meat, fuel or livestock because they have enlisted the aid of sewer and water contractors to dig tunnels under the borders and have even installed their own fuel and water pipe-lines.

See: “Gazans smuggle lions, monkeys into zoo via secret tunnels”. Click Here

Should we be “digging a tunnel” and developing alternate delivery mechanisms for obtaining what we need.

For increasing or retaining cash flow;  It may mean sub-letting some of our space, taking lunch to work in a bag, car pooling or even taking a second job.   Look at the winners around us! …. Is it fair to say that they’ll do what the average person won’t to get to where the average person can’t?

See … They’re paying Joe $5,000 an hour to share his toys … Click Here

Others may buckle down and invest their evenings creating an achievable “To do” list to accomplish both short and long term goals

I’ve squeezed the dollar so tightly that the eagle stopped screaming long ago.

It really pains me to pay $1.50 for a cup of coffee and $5,00 for a fancy schmancy latte is completely out of the question. …. If anyone is going to be using my money to lounge on a yacht;   It’s going to be me and not Howard Schultz.

That $5.00 spent on coffee transforms into $50 over the years when solidly invested to yield 15% …. So my coffee is really costing me $50.00 and that’s painful.    (Every day;  Thousands of savvy, ordinary men and women are enjoying rock solid returns of 15-40% on small investments ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand. … Including me ).

Hourly; We see folks moaning about “economic problems” and while new and different focus , priorities and strategies are possibly needed more than ever;  Are we struggling with outside economic influences     Or is the real demon in our lives our own attitude?

Attitude always determined altitude and still does!

Start thinking about what kind of tunnel you can start digging to obtain what you need and tell ’em that you don’t see any recession.     There’s 300 million customers on our doorstep.  Our job is to identify and provide them with what they need.

If the current pipe-line isn’t delivering what we need ….. Maybe it’s time to dig a different tunnel.


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