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August 4, 2012

Prevent Chat from stealing your life.

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Keeping my door fully open with a Contact Portal allows my friends, neighbours, customers, creditors, ex wives, current lovers, politicians & scam artist to easily reach out and contact me.

From this portal; visitors can use eMail, Telephone, Chat, voice or video chat on the many platforms available to us and if I am asleep can easily leave me a note and I’ll give them my full attention as soon as am able,

Although this Contact Portal is simple, speedy and effective. … There’s an unavoidable time-gobbler built in.

When text chatting; I usually wait when I notice someone with whom I’m chatting is writing but the wait often seems an eternity and seems to gobble up my time waiting for them to finish.

I try to avoid inflicting the same pain as they watch and wait while I’m typing my reply.  … I use a simple strategy of composing outside our chat screen.

When my reply is likely to be a couple of sentences; I’ll frequently compose it in Notepad or similar and paste in the chat when finished.

This way I’m avoiding making the recipient watch and wait until I’ve finished my two finger exercise of writing my piece.

When I hit the “Send” Button”; “The Bell” alerts the recipient that there’s a nugget of life changing importance awaiting them.

Composing off line cuts out the time gobbling, watching and waiting for me to finish. … (and vice-versa).

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