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January 26, 2012

A ray of sunshine at the London Locksmith.

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A greeting like this makes you want to linger in this London locksmith store.

It was a snowy, blustery day in London, Ontario and I needed an “instant open” lock to avoid fumbling for keys on the doorstep and thought that a radio controlled lock would fill the bill.

I knew that Central Locksmiths in London, Ontario would fix me up.

The moment I entered it felt that someone had thrown open the shutters and a sunny spring morning was flooding in.

Marilyn bounded from her chair and promptly introduced herself and was soon, knowledgeably seeking a solution for me.

Regrettably she couldn’t recommend a consumer product due to the extreme cold that Canadians have to put up with and so .. We chatted for a few minutes about shoes & ships & sealing wax and cabbages & kings.

Marilyn was just putting on a pot of coffee and offered me one and in between creating propositions for re-keying an entire office building and cutting an extra key for a dear old lady; We addressed the world’s problems over a cuppa.

There’s no life enhancing reason for this post except; … I wanted to introduce you to a lady who knows her stuff and treats everyone who enters her door, as a friend. …. Remember to let her know that her coffee is now famous and she’ll probably offer you one.

Here’s the movie of Marilyn & Henry’s Las Vegas Wedding. ….

Enjoy! …. and remember to send them your very best wishes for their new journey, in the comments below.

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P.S. Firing a staffer or your lover? … Avoid changing locks or asking for your key back. … Just change the lock code. … See Marilyn for details.

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