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April 24, 2009

Would you help me give Rod a leg up.

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Please join me in giving Roderick a leg up?

Rod and Nancy are neighbours of mine on the Mimico – New Toronto – Long Branch Lakeshore and a delightful couple.

Rod is extremely computer savyy, eagerly shares his extensive knowledge and has been of valuable assistance to me, several times.   Now it’s my turn to reciprocate.

Within hours of penciling in the idea of WordPress and Twitter, for him;   He picked up the gauntlet and now has both his Blog and Twitter up.

Rod would have had his Twitter account opened too except his Guide Dog (Lassiter). isn’t quite up to speed with interpreting graphic text which are required for Twitter subscriptions.

Would you do me a favour and give this hard working lad a leg up by following him on Twitter and adding a comment to his Blog

As soon as I have his username and password; I’ll be tossing in some decent graphics and text which more closely reflects his capabilities and professionalism.

Http://spiriteye.wordpress.com     Http://Twitter.com/Spiriteye

Thanks in advance.

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April 22, 2009

A narrow escape from a copyright infringement allegation.

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A narrow escape from a copyright infringement allegation.

In business for over 30 years ….. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered anything like this.

Setting the scene.  Molly is a local business person who had extended some kindnesses to me.   I was seeking opportunities to reciprocate and had already done some promotional work for her.

The subject photographs referred to here were products of a photo-shoot by Polly for Molly at Molly’s business premises

There are 4 parties to this saga.

Molly the manufacturer.

Polly the photographer and friend of the manufacturer.

Lolly: Owner of one or more canine models and friend of the photographer.

Teddy Towncrier; At the dead center of this vortex.

When Molly sent me photographs of a couple of doggies enjoying Molly’s creations at her location;   Towncrier soon crafted an engaging, memorable video for Molly’s product with embedded links to external pages and although I hadn’t received an order, Molly was delighted.   We then consummated a deal.

The video was created with viral distribution in mind and realistically, could have enjoyed several million views and probable interest for wholesale orders from across the continent.

Soon after it was uploaded; I received the first of a series of angry eMails, from Polly the photographer demanding that I remove the video from public display citing the use of copyrighted materials without the owner’s permission.    Molly subsequently confirmed that she didn’t have releases for the photographs even though they were of her products taken on her premises.

It seems that Polly was initially delighted until Lolly the owner of one of the canine models had freaked about her darling poochie becoming a star and plastered over the Internet.

We removed the video to shield Molly from any unpleasantness

The losers from all this ……

Molly lost the promotion for her product.

Polly creates some breathtakingly beautiful images which I would have cheerfully included in promotions for Toronto (With full credit). . …. She lost this promotion and all future, mention of her work.   (Towncrier’s interactive videos embed hot-links to external showcases and sites outside the video).

I lost 5 hrs of production plus another 4 hrs assembling a defence file in case we were talking to a judge.

Lolly probably lost a few nights sleep because her darling had a starring role in an Internet movie, now playing in the land of those horrible Internet Stalkers.

I wasn’t aware that the doggie stars did not belong to Molly or would have certainly crossed the required “T”s.

The facts are true.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the paranoid and to keep legal ammunition to a minimum.

Suggested Retweet “RT @Teddytowncrier A narrow escape from a copyright infringement allegation http://budurl.com/hjyu.”

We would be interested to hear hear what your position would be and how you would have handled this.

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April 14, 2009

Let’s help each other to slay the Twitter “Following 2,000 dragon.”

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Let’s help each other slay the following 2,000 dragon.

As you’re probably aware ….. Twitter has a mystical formula which only permits us to follow 2,000 and when we discover someone we would like to follow after we have reached this limit. …. This rule won’t let us.

Its seems that this cap may be removed when we have substantial followers and I’d like my cap removed.

If you feel comfortable with my posts please Tweet the following …..

@Teddytowncrier needs help meeting his targets.    I’m giving him a leg up by following him…. Will you?

If you’re at your 2,000 limit. …. http://mytweeple.com/ Lets you remove non-followers and reclaim some room.

If you need more followers ….. Put your request in the comments box below and I’ll be glad to give you a leg up.


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April 7, 2009

Interactive Video puts a stop to shoveling business to your competitors.

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If you’re thinking of using video to tell your story; Stop! …. Interactive video lets you tell more and better without putting your viewer to sleep.

Can we agree that a picture is worth a thousand words and a video presentation may be worth a thousand pictures?

I’d like to share a couple of ideas with you, today which can certainly double and possibly triple revenues from your existing promotions and the first is so simple we frequently overlook it. ….. Don’t display competitor’s advertisements on the same page as your promotion. … Let me make that crystal clear …. DO NOT show competitor’s ads on the same page as yours.

Increasingly ….. Video hosting sites are showing competitor ads at the end of your video and now you have half a dozen competitors that you didn’t even know existed. …… If your web designer can’t stream your clips without inviting the wolf in …… The answer is simple …. Fire him. You don’t need to pay to have your business sabotaged.

The second oversight that’s skimming the cream from your business has to do with blasting the padlock from your showroom.

It goes something like this ….. You’ve invested heavily to get this visitor to see the wonderful video showcase for your widget but when the video is over there’s little else to cement and build you relationship and identify you as the only logical supplier to meet his needs. Enter the interactive video that blasts the shackles from your showroom door and gently guides to visitor to similar items that may be of interest to him.

Interactive simply means embedding links in your video that invites the viewer to explore similar items. When he’s finished viewing the supplemental video ….. The original movie continues.

Let’s say you’re promoting a booklet that shows how to keep kitty in prime condition using what’s on your kitchen shelf and your objective is to gather subscriptions for your mailing list.

By using an interactive video to showcase supplemental products and ideas …. you’ll be firmly establishing your business as the only supplier to meet the viewer’s needs and when that idea is firmly planted …… You’ll double subscriptions to your mailing list.

Mailing lists are a powerhouse for building relationships and generating revenue whenever you wish and there tens of thousands of Realtors, Bankers and Mortgage agents walking the streets who are now wishing they had kept in touch and used dirt cheap, personalized mailings to build and nourish relationships.

So in closing …. Let me leave these 2 important ideas with you …. Don’t show competitor’s ads in your showcase and No2. Blast the lock from your showroom door by embedding hot links in your videos to supplemental ideas and products.

and if a few heads need to roll so be it. … At the end of the day the only person that really has your interests at heart … Is you.

There’s a hidden bonus from interactive videos because the viewer will replay the clip in order to view the supplemental information contained in the embedded hot links and be reminded of ideas that they had previously overlooked.    See: Are 27 contacts necessary to make the sale: View here.

To view interactive video in action Click Here


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April 5, 2009

Grant writing seminar in N. California

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Hi folks …

Lamar Morgan is continually stoking our fire from keeping one eye over the horizon and his nose aroud the corner.    He continually shovels his discoveries to us and too frequently makes our hair ache from trying to figure out how to make his latest discovery work for us .

Now it’s our turn to give him a leg up and show him how much his selfless thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Your ReTweet of the suggested copy in the paragraph below would be appreciated. (Copy and paste in Twitter)

RT @Teddytowncrier. ATTN N. Calif. @lamarjmorgan has a no cost grant writing seminar on April 15 http://budurl.com/vpwm RT Appreciated.

Here’s the enchilada http://budurl.com/vpwm

…. and would it kill ya to comment?


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