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7 Steps to avoid the ReTweet request Dumpster.

7 ways to avoid your Re Tweet Request being ignored.

Many of us are constantly seeking business and life enhancing ideas for our Twitter FriendForce (Followers), Newsletters and Blogs but not all submitted content is suitable.    Here’s a few ways to get action on your request.

  • You have previously Tweeted the requested ReTweet

  • Your request is not an outright promotion.

  • Your offer is a fit for my FriendForce . … E. G.   If my group is primarily Home Builders. … An offer of winter clothes for dogs is not a fit.

  • A quick search of your Twitter ID shows that you are actively ReTweeting your discoveries.

  • Your Twitter Profile is welcoming and not an outright promotion. More

  • Your Friendforce count indicates that you are making an effort to build your FriendForce and contribute to the community. (Seeing 3 followers and following only 4 says you aren’t serious). ….. It isn’t difficult to have 1,000 followers within a week. More

  • Using a “Tweet This” button in your request empowers the reader to ReTweet for you with a single click without requiring them to jump through the hoops of Cut and Paste of your copy.  Info Here

    See also: Don’t miss out on the magic of ReTweeting. View here

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