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May 29, 2008

Another key to the doors of the new millenium.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words ……. A movie replaces many more and Internet video is standing traditional entertainment on it’s ear.

An example is being able to download full length movies and now we no longer need a second mortgage for the family to enjoy the the latest Hollywood extravaganza.

I recently dumped my cable Co yet still enjoy all the main line networks and view them at my convenience ( I even watch BBC from my home town in the UK ). without any converter boxes, fuss or even caring how it works.

Mom & Pop shops are springing up all over the Internet and many are enjoying millions of views and are daily, stuffing real money into their pockets. ( The Russian Movie is now up to 900,000 views in less than a month ).

One of my heroes is Kipkay who has generated over $106,000 ( and growing ) from his short vids, in under 2 years.   It’s all here folks.  Click Here



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May 26, 2008

A grateful Limey saluting “The Yanks”

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There was a time when UK families would return from church on Sunday evening to be greeted with someone returning their front door from 5 blocks away.

Turning around they’d find another neigbour bringing their back door from 3 blocks in the other direction. Unfortunately; There wasn’t a house left to hang them on.

Without the American forces in the last world war; The UK and possibly the world; Would be a vastly different place.

Boat loads of boisterous kids showed up on our shores, rolled up their sleeves and immediately started distributing cigarettes, nylons and whisky into the community and stealing our sisters and girl friends.

If you have a family member touched by the last world war …. Tell them Teddy joins millions of other grateful Brits in saluting them and adds his heartfelt thanks.

Happy Memorial Day, Y’all

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May 25, 2008

Avoiding getting your contributions hijacked.

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In another forum; I’d posted a discovery that questioned the value of pursuing local vs distant business and referenced the resource.

It’s Here “Is the grass really greener over the fence”

The reason I’d showcased my colleagues’ discovery was to bring value to the forum and because she had featured my work on a couple of occasions, I now had an opportunity to reciprocate. ….. Sound fair?

The author of the showcased resource noticed and quickly thanked me which afforded another opportunity to showcase more of her work and segue into a complementing resource of my own.

Still following?

The thread quickly transformed into discussions about fertilizer, growing tomatoes for health & profit, keeping deer out of the garden, death of a cat, mother’s garden, squirrel & raccon as entree’s and rabbit stew.

The puzzling part …. My colleague had invested time creating a valuable resource. …. I had invested time and brought my discovery to the forum. Did all they see in the subject line was “Green” and “Fence” and proceed to make assumptions?    (Maybe it’s time to re-read your headlines writing folio, Teddy ).

Here’s my question …… When there are supposedly knowledgeable business folks in the forum …. Why would they spent time to hijack the post and actively dilute the focus by posting and replying to irrelevant comments?

At the moment; I’m not likely to be seeking ways to validate and showcase those who actively diverted the thread and the sad part is; They don’t know they’ve just sabotaged themselves.

When we support others … They’ll usually seek ways to support us. The reverse is also true.

In a similar vein ….. Even though stars who may have had a recent, raging battle, are guests on the same talk show; All in the garden appears to be serene to the viewers. (AKA presenting a unified front ).

Our life is about the choices we make! I choose to support, validate, empower and become the wind beneath my friends’ wings and definitely avoid crowding their place in the sun at all costs. Don’t you?

I usually don’t even acknowledge the garbage but felt that by relating my experience; I may raise the possible necessity of baby-sitting our work long enough to prevent hijacking of the thread and keep it on track.


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Sunday Morning smile. May 25-08

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If you need a smile to sparkle your day …………….. Take a look at this bit of fluff at Lindy Asimus Social Club

I was skipping through her potpourii and particularly enjoyed this movie Goodby To The Normals

One of my children did the same thing and she got steaming mad at me when I so eagerly collaborated with her plan.


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May 24, 2008

Is the grass really greener over the fence?

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If you’re like many of us;     We’ve no problem staying busy …. It’s being profitable that brings home the bacon.

In her blog; Lindy Asimus has some interesting insights that I easily overlook.     Possibly you do too.    Enjoy Here


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May 21, 2008

Video of Remote Controlled flying penis at Boris Kasparov press conference viewed 473,298 times in 2 days

Let me apologize in advance for the content in this featured video. It certainly isn’t my taste but presented only as an illustration of how a video can take off.

I discovered this Boris Kasparov press conference had been viewed 473,298 times in 2 days May 19-08 to May 21-08.

Checking back 3 hours later I saw that it had been viewed another 73,000 times.

Do the math and that’s viewership of 295,544 views in 24 Hrs. (Or 8,866,320 views per month ).

I don’t know what to make of this phenomenon except it’s clear that klunky videos can make the big time and there’s new breed of movie producers who have never heard of 90210.

It’s all here folks


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Are you strangling new business opportunities with a limp elevator speech?

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We only have one chance at a first impression.

An “Elevator speech” is the term used for a quick verbal, universal thumbnail of our business delivered in the time it takes to make a short elevator ride.

A carefully created and rehearsed “Elevator Speech” can kick the door wide open and you’ll see the results immediately.

It’s worth taking the time to construct and rehearse what is probably the most powerful weapon in your marketing army and you’ll soon be seeking opportunities to use it.

A good elevator speech should be designed to pique interest in the first sentence and elicit interest from the listener.

Here’s where you can hear the one I use. Notice how expectancy is created at the end. Listen Here

See how Kevin McCarthy uses his natural and easily acceptable style to develop interested interaction from a quick contact. … Like in an elevator).


As always; Your constructive input is welcomed.
Best Regards.

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May 19, 2008

Stop giving away the farm!

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In another forum; A generous spirit recently shared her favourite “must have” tools chest.

She gave us a quickie overview of each, why and how she uses each one and where to obtain them. A valuable resource that took some effort to create.

…. but she gave away the farm and short changed both herself and the reader…..

The author …. She missed the opportunity to use the offer of this valuable compilation of her treasures to build relationships.

The reader …. Unless returning to the original location where the list was published; (6,000 messages per day blasted at us. Is it likely?) The reader isn’t likely to be enjoying any more of the authors treasures.

You’ve probably visited sites offering extensive reports and ideas; All free for the taking. Not the best strategy for impressing your visitor because this site will quickly be forgotten.

At the very least; Present your discoveries list in your own showcase where other ideas and offers are on display.

Here’s a recent discovery I wanted to share. View Video Here.

Towncrier has an extensive archive of ideas and reports and we provide them in a way that benefits both the author and reader for many years and builds strong, trusting, relationships.

Request our most popular report and discover how to share your insights and knowlege, create a win-win situation and avoid the other stranglers lurking in your business. Http://stranglers.Latest-info.com


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May 16, 2008

Must have elements for a productive video.

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Turning on your webcam and stumbling through this “Um” and “Err” laden masterpiece is a waste of time and will kill your reputation.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get the most from this powerhouse.

* Short … 1.5 minutes is good.

* If you are in the presentation …. Use a video camera to create your clip. (Not a web cam).

* Scripted 1. Know what ideas you wish to convey and in what sequence.

* Scripted 2. Write out and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse what you are going to say.

* Immediatedly engage your viewer. You can use a crescendo, billboard or a significant statement/Question to get their attention.

* During the presentation; Create expectancy for something later.

* Include a viral component to encourage viewers to talk about their experience. It may be necessary to offer some kind of reward to get them to do this. Example Here

* Next to final screen … Provide something memorable such as a cartoon, famous quote from a recognized celebrity or appropriate music.

* Final screen …. Make it long enough for the viewer to absorb your idea, encourage them to take the next baby step and include the URL you wish them to visit.

* We prefer to stream the finished product from our hosting and avoid this viewer being distracted by other offers.

Commercial video hosting (YouTube etc). has it’s place especially if you wish pick up browsers or engage specialists to make sure you are easily found.

To view a video constructed without a single filmed clip click the “Audio Welcome” button at Towncrier’s Home Page

Video is a powerful medium for building relationships and conveying your ideas. It’s experience rather than a wizard’s potion that will get your results and a bit of work is required to create a memorable experience for your visitor but the rewards are certainly worth it.

Yours for stardom …

Teddy Towncrier. CPP     towncrierbroadcasting.com

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Does your SEO need a refocus?

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Does your SEO need a refocus?

A picture is still worth 10,000 words. and when we see videos of dancing cockatoo’s enjoying 1,399,525 views in 7 Months. Or a model falling through a runway hole get 3.3 million in a year. It may be time to nudge our SEO wizard into optimizing our properly contructed videos, too.

Lindy Asimus was kind enough to send me a resource she’d discovered. Dan’s article does a great job of spelling out his strategy for turning viral into a whirlwind and why major corporations pay him handsomely to get them top spot. It’s all here folks

Listen up SEO Wizards … There’s a niche here. This line may not be as long as the SEO providors vying for static page work and it’s probably more lucrative.

You’re not going to miss out on all this; Are you?


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