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May 19, 2008

Stop giving away the farm!

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In another forum; A generous spirit recently shared her favourite “must have” tools chest.

She gave us a quickie overview of each, why and how she uses each one and where to obtain them. A valuable resource that took some effort to create.

…. but she gave away the farm and short changed both herself and the reader…..

The author …. She missed the opportunity to use the offer of this valuable compilation of her treasures to build relationships.

The reader …. Unless returning to the original location where the list was published; (6,000 messages per day blasted at us. Is it likely?) The reader isn’t likely to be enjoying any more of the authors treasures.

You’ve probably visited sites offering extensive reports and ideas; All free for the taking. Not the best strategy for impressing your visitor because this site will quickly be forgotten.

At the very least; Present your discoveries list in your own showcase where other ideas and offers are on display.

Here’s a recent discovery I wanted to share. View Video Here.

Towncrier has an extensive archive of ideas and reports and we provide them in a way that benefits both the author and reader for many years and builds strong, trusting, relationships.

Request our most popular report and discover how to share your insights and knowlege, create a win-win situation and avoid the other stranglers lurking in your business. Http://stranglers.Latest-info.com


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