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June 10, 2018

YIKES! Google is grabbing my photos without me being aware.

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Cell and tablet cameras are handy for “Capturing the moment” and use mine frequently.

The quality is amazing. … Am not a photo geek but well satisfied with the outcomes.

I’ve rigged my devices to automatically upload shots to my Dropbox account where they can be easier manipulated on a computer.

So far so good except, until I discovered that they were now in my Google Photos and my terms of service permits the Big G to do whatever they wish with my photos including selling them. … 

Android Authority on Youtube does a fine job spelling out these concerns in this Video.
These photos contain an amazing amount of information including time & date, location end possibly even the names of the subject.
So if you told your boss that you were with a client all afternoon and he sees a picture that clearly indicates that it was taken on the other side of town; It’s ‘splain’ time.

My answer to these concerns is to head over to Amazon and grab a 2 Terrabyte, Plug & Play external drive to store my pictures.   … Seagate drives are frequently available for under $100. 
P.S. I read a leading platform’s Hideous Terms of Service and now try to avoid using their Messaging. …. Am now using TextNow. … It has a distinctive alert for IMs and they give us a free phone No. (Canada & US)

P.P.S … Did you know? You could be a Porn Star and not know it?   Skinny Here.

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