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April 30, 2008

Need ideas for your next speech?

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Often we run into a brick wall when we’re trying to be creative.

If you like inspiring speeches or need a few ideas for copy or for a speech; Take a look at the site that I discovered recently.

There are over 5000 speeches, sermons, lectures, debates including many famous movie speeches.

Don’t drop everything and rush over there but it’s worth a look when there’s nothing on TV.

Here’s the URL http://americanrhetoric.com

April 24, 2008

Star in your own movie in your Skype profile

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Star in your movie on Skype.

Hey Folks …

I just discovered that we can embed our movie in our Skype profile and it’s a fabulous way to introduce yourself.

You do need the ‘Shiny new Skype” but it’s a snap to download and install and all your existing settings are retained.

I’ve tossed in an existing video in to my Skype profile “Teddytowncrier”. just to see how this fool thing works and I love the concept.

Be assured; I’ll be investing the rest of the afternoon creating an Oscar contender solely for my Skype profile.

In case you’re wondering …. Here’s why you should add a movie http://globespantv.net/Kernels/whytheybuy.html

New smoking deal on cellular service.

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New smoking deal on cellular service.

7-11 has their own cell service and I love it because it’s cheap, no registration needed and when you buy their cheap prepaid minutes they last for a whole year.

The buzz is that 7-11 stores is bringing out a new deal in May which may result us being able to have a new phone for free.

You may be able to use your new sim card in an existing telephone and vice-versa.

Mine’s a cheap phone but occasionally switch the sim into my Blackberry. I like some of the Nokias and suppose I’ll break down and get one one day.

Ask at several 7-11 stores because frequently the managers aren’t up to speed on the latest & greatest

Using 7-11 for cellular service is one of the strategies I use to keep my entire world wide telephone bill down around the $10.00/Mth mark. Http://phone.2freedom.com

April 23, 2008

Telephone: Presenting ideas to the other 50%.

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Today I discovered a free US telephone answering service that lets me make my outgoing message almost as long as I wish.

It’s a treed system and provides as many sub-boxes as needed.

Although not toll-free; I can see using this for presenting ideas to the other half of the world who aren’t using computers.

What I like about a dial in type of information delivery system is that voice can often convey much more
than reading text on a page.

I also like the idea of being able to pre-record and then upload my message. Recording via telephone always leaves something to be desired. Pre-recording lets you add a music backgroud and then upload the finished clip.

We’ve added voice to many of our pages and now when visitors wish to tell a friend about our offer; The friend can dial in and get the information if they aren’t computer connected.

If you would like more info on this package; Get in touch from our Communications portal and I’ll be glad to fill you in.

For communications portal: Click Here

April 22, 2008

Discoveries about printers selection.

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Recently I ventured down to Geektown in the College St & Spadina Ave area of Toronto, to find a deal on a couple of LCD monitors.

My first stop was at Tech Direct on College St. They’re always helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy.

I was seeking an el cheapo ink cartridge with which to test a fairly new but malfunctioning Lexmark printer.

In speaking with Sean; He advised me to only buy Canon, Epson or Brother printers on account of the way they handle the ink delivery.

I’ll certainly give weight to his words and investigate a bit further.

Didn’t find a monitor and thinking I should have grabbed the 20″ Viewsonic for $165, at the Flea Market.

Project planning resource. Freemind

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“Critical Path” is a management tool used in the construction industry that graphically displays the projected deployment of sub trades and the project’s scheduled progress.

The format is generally on a 2′ high piece of paper and the time line often encircles the project managers’ office.

It does a great job of projecting and scheduling the project’s progression.

It’s difficult to create this kind of at-a-glance display on a ‘puter but http://freemind.com comes close.

After chatting with a friend in Australia, recently; I’ve re-discovered Freemind and am finding that it ties projects together very nicely..

Take a look. If you’ve any questions ….. Drop in to my contact portal and get in touch.

April 10, 2008

Using economical video to build relationships.

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A short movie clip welcoming visitors to your site is a important tool for building trusting relationships with them.

Just don’t overdo it and constantly hammer your visitors with your movie masterpieces. Include code in your video that welcomes visitors once only or if you wish to get really fancy; You can re-welcome them again at a later date.

The re-welcome can be used to mention new items of interest and point your visitor to a specific area of your site.

A short intro clip gives your visitor a better sense of who they’re dealing with and an important cornerstone in building the trust which is such a vital part of a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

A movie is just a story and it isn’t necessary to create an Oscar contender to be effective. We frequently use sequential pictures or graphics and overlay appropriate music and/or spoken content to create an enjoyable experience. Click the welcome graphic above right for an example of a quickie movie.

The final screen always includes a call to action with the appropriate URL displayed.

Using video makes a powerful statement in 2 important ways …

1. Using audio/video says you’re progressive and are immediately seen as ‘above the crowd’.

2. Your comments in the video enable you to guide visitors and make suggestions to areas they may find of interest.

On our home page we use 2 A/V processes. One to welcome visitors and the other thumbnails what we do and pre-emphasizes the subsequent content.

Take a look at our home page and see how Towncrier harnesses these strategies in our customer relationships. For Home page http://towncrierbroadcasting.com

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