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July 30, 2017

Super Service in London Ontario.

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I’m always happy to give a fellow traveler a leg up.

So many others have greased life rails for me so an opportunity to help someone along is always a privilege.

Have been a smoker since Moses was in short pants and one of my life’s joys is a ciggy “after” and with my morning coffee & newspaper while awakening on the deck.

Several smoking cessation techniques have been utilized with varying degrees of temporary success including:

Hypnotism. … (Twice successful).

Countdown I. … I did the math before retiring and transferred the schedule to paper ready for next day. …

Countdown II. … Wrote a computer program and pushed a button to print out the day’s schedule.

Countdown III. … Purchased a $5.00 app which kept track each day and beeped when I’m permitted a smoke.

Stretching spacing a few minutes each day wasn’t too big a burden but when the spacing started getting around 1 plus hours, this strategy demanded serious commitment.

Plan B. Became “Vaping” which involves using a mini, cigar shaped, boiler and turning flavoured liquid into steam and for me; Does provide some oral satisfaction derived from the steam sensation and the habitual act of frequently, putting something into my mouth.

I have a couple of suppliers for my vaping needs. … One in Dixie Value Mall Flea Market basement.

The other is https://itsnotsmoke.ca/ 1700 Dundas St London, ON (N. side of Dundas, just W. of 3rd St).

Visiting Itsnotsmoke was always an experience. … In the early days; we were greeted by a grandma who really knew her stuff and always turned a $10 deal into a unique spectacular.

More recently; I’ve noticed that Lars seems to have re-read his marketing 101 books and the streamlining is noticeable and yet; still welcoming.

This time it was Jeff at my service. … All i needed was a replacement mouthpiece which he had installed before I turned around AAAAAAAAAAAAND; … Jeff had topped me up and polished my vaper. …. For free, yet.

Oh Ya!. … Granny soon arrived and started castigating me for neglecting her. … (Hell! Darlin’ I’m 2.5 hrs away. … I don’t love ya’ that much).

Bottom line here is; When you or loved ones are wishing something could be done about their smoking. … Itsnotsmoke comes highly recommended.

A comment is required. … (or else)

Map Here: https://www.mapquest.com/canada/on/london/n5w/1700-dundas-st-43.001695,-81.186685



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