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February 14, 2012

Bailed out by The Bay’s ladies on Valentine’s Day.

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The darlings at The Bay bailed me out on Valentine’s day.

It’s tough to buy for your Schmoozie when she has everything but the darlings in The Bay store in Masonville Place, London came to my rescue.

We met during Christmas.    I’d picked up the name of Schmoozie’s favourite perfume so deciding on a Christmas gift was easy.

It was Natalia on the Lancôme counter that switched counters, found what I needed & packaged this tiny bottle of gold, to create tons of excitement & make me a hero.

She was an amiable gal who took interest in my needs and so when Valentine’s day rolled around; The only logical thing to do was seek out Natalia and mention that I was stuck but thinking of lingerie this time.

Although a skin care consultant; … She instantly closed her cash register, whisked me off to the lingerie department and quickly selected a few items that would fill the bill and delight Schmoozie.      Natalia had just been appointed my personal shopper.

It didn’t stop there. … Natalia scooped me a premium box, packaged my purchases in this OOHH! packaging which I know will create tons of anticipation in Schmoozie and make me a star.

So if you’re in London, Ontario and thinking of perfume or skin care; … Drop in to see Natalia on the Lancôme counter at The Bay in Masonville Place. … You’ll be well taken care of and maybe become a star, too.

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