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An answer to Twitter Overwhelm.

As with many others; … I do not regularly read the posts of every one of my Twitter FriendForce.

Twitter is the world’s biggest cafe where we can find a table discussing the exact topic that we’re interested in. … A gold mine of information is available to us but it can be overwhelming.

As with any gold mine ….. We have to move tons of muck to unearth the nuggets and we can make it much easier with the right tools.

I’m sure there are a number of your followers whose insights are valuable to you and would like to have them handy for a quickie peek at their discoveries, insights and Yes! … Even their promotions.

My solution was to have a link in my toolbar to a specially created page for easy, one click scanning of my favourite Twitter posters in this example, below. …. Or; Take a peek at the stand-alone page. …. Click Here


Icon Info  Here

See also “Use this feature rich toolbox on your Twitter account and wrestle overwhelm to the ground”.   Click Here

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