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Must have elements for a Productive Video.

Turning on your webcam and stumbling through your “Um” and “Err” laden masterpiece is a waste of time and will kill your reputation.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get the most from the video powerhouse.

* Short … 1.5 minutes is good.

* If you are in the presentation …. Use a video camera to create your clip. (Not a web cam).

* Scripted 1. Know what ideas you wish to convey and in what sequence.

* Scripted 2. Write out and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse what you are going to say.

* Immediatedly engage your viewer. You can use a crescendo, billboard or a significant statement/Question to get their attention.

* During the presentation; Create expectancy for something later.

* Include a viral component to encourage viewers to talk about their experience. It may be necessary to offer some kind of reward to get them to do this. Example Here

* Immediately before the final screen … Provide something memorable such as a cartoon, famous quote from a recognized celebrity or appropriate music.

* Final screen …. Make sure it stays on the screen long enough for the viewer to absorb your idea, encourage them to take the next baby step and include the URL you wish them to visit.

* We prefer to stream the finished product from our hosting and avoid this viewer being distracted by other offers.

Commercial video hosting (YouTube etc). has it’s place especially if you wish pick up browsers or engage specialists to make sure you are easily found.

To view a video constructed without a single filmed clip click the “Audio Welcome” button at Towncrier’s Home Page

Video is a powerful medium for building relationships and conveying your ideas. It’s experience rather than a wizard’s potion that will get your results and a bit of work is required to create a memorable experience for your visitor but the rewards are certainly worth it.

Yours for stardom …

Teddy Towncrier. CPP     towncrierbroadcasting.com

LakeshoreproudTV. Click here for more

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