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October 30, 2008

By the numbers; Twitter Followers yielded the most donations.

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Paull used his social media to turn his birthday into a fundraiser for charity and raised $1,240 for clean water in Ethiopia

While worthy;   That’s only part of the story.  He had used Http://bit.ly for his tracking and was not only, able to track how many people clicked on his links but exactly where they came from.

The eye-popper is;   His Twitter followers yielded more dollars per click.

If you study nothing else, today ….. This is a must read.    Read the whole story:   Click Here

I need to follow Twitters with ideas and am now following http://twitter.com/paullyoung

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October 28, 2008

How does an extra 3,000 Twitter followers sound to you?

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With a bit of work. …. Here’s 3,000 Twitter followers for you .

It’s a pleasure to give @emailcopywriter credit for bringing me this idea.

It starts by creating a profile that says you’re interesting and someone worth knowing and when visitors click on your URL … For heaven’s sake don’t try to sell them something or enroll them into your programme.  Selling at this stage will cut your “Follows” in half. …. Instead offer a complimentary report and build your Non-Twitter list.

NEXT STEP     Is to create an appropriate, generic “Thanks for the follow” note because this step is an important cornerstone for building a relationship with your new contact.

STEP 3.     Now we’re heading for http://tweetlater.com where you’ll fill in the appropriate blanks and boxes to automate your “Thanks for the follow” process.    Here’s where you’ll also insert your “Thanks for the follow” message.

STEP 4.     Here’s the work part!. …. Find Twitters whose ideas are similar to yours and “Follow” almost everyone on their list. …. If you have a carefully crafted profile ….. Don’t be surprised to discover that about one third reciprocate and are now following you.

I’m aware that it sounds like a bit of work but the important “Thanks for the follow” process is automated and it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to Follow 30 Twitters and automatically, add ten followers every day.    (Sounds like 3,000 followers in a year from your direct efforts alone).

As you post and share your discoveries;  You’ll also start to enjoy exponential growth when your followers care enough to start talking about you, both on and off Twitter.

Within 5 minutes of using this strategy …. I was well on the way to meeting my new follower target for the day.

To view results of my initial test ….. Click Here

…. and would it be too much to ask you to blab about this blog post or at least Stumble it or comment?


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October 13, 2008

They’re paying Joe $5,000 an hour to share his new toy.

I prefer to invest, rather than spend, both my time and my money.

As newlyweds and soon after we moved into our new home;   Mama was excited and fully expecting new furniture to go with it …… Can you imagine my reception upon arriving home with a load of new equipment but furniture nowhere in sight and a revelation that there wasn’t likely to be new furniture any time soon?

The equipment quickly earned enough to provide Mama with a blank cheque for furnishings and we still had the equipment which continued to generate good revenue for many years.

As the years went by ……. Showing up in a pick-up was becoming a bit tired and a decent car fitted the bill better.

The make and model decision was based solely on lowest cost per year for ownership and “How l can I make this pile of iron earn it’s keep”?

I settled on a Fleetwood Brougham primarily because the style changed very little from year to year and I could get ten years from this investment without it going out of style and looking like a down at heel wannabe driving around town in a clapped out banger.    It turned out to be the cheapest cost per year for any automobile I’ve ever owned.

It paid for itself from day one. ….. As you may have discovered. … having the car of your dreams works wonders for self esteem. … It certainly did for me; I confidently increased my fees 25% and contracts awarded increased similarly. …. We got a bit of industry buzz too since I was the only contractor in town whose crew had a Caddy for a job car.

The object of this post isn’t to flaunt a pile of Detroit Iron that’s on it’s way to the scrap yard but rather;  To illustrate an example of investment focussed thinking rather than emotional, “I want” spending.

I was well satisfied with the return on this investment but Joe recently put me to shame when he raised the bar significantly with his example for return on investment.    Joe is pocketing upwards of $5,000/Hr with his new toy and it’s only a few hours old.

For the rest of the who, what, where and how of Joe’s fascinating story.    Click Here

Enjoy …. Then;  Put your thinking cap on.

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Today’s biz boom. Monday, October 13, 2008

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Today’s biz boom.

A couple of interesting trends I’ve noticed developing in the Toronto, Canada, Marketplace.

A local new car dealership is using approx 25% of his 30 second radio spot to validate a high profile, mid-high range gentleman’s tailor.     Great pre-amplifaction for the tailors ads running on the same station.

The tailor seems to have started this trend since he frequently mentions his travel agent and hotels, complete with names and phone numbers in his six times daily, spots.

Item No2.   A high end home entertainment retailer seems to see the value of radio advertising even though another retailer is well entrenched from his use of informative spots and a one hour call in help show on Saturday mornings on the same station.

Item No3.   Fisher Price is using the same mid-market station for plugging it’s rubberized, “Kid’s proof” digital cameras and DVD players.   I Don’t expect the children will be listening but parents who want to keep their children away from expensive equipment are.  “Mammy can we have one!” … Kids in the marketing army …. I like that.   (Only another $10/Mth on the plastic).

Send me your sunny stories ….. Uplifting content to grease the rails, is always welcomed in my blog.


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October 12, 2008

He knew how to make lemonade and Princess Di came calling.

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Forget taking marketing 101 and instead; Google for “Honest Ed” + “Canada” and then read everything you can about him.

The lemon in Ed’s early life was;   He was a cash strapped immigrant in a strange land.  That didn’t stop him …. He (proverbially). turned the lemon into lemonade.

Ed’s store had the cleanest sidewalk on the block because in the old days; His wife used cleaning the sidewalk as an excuse for keeping an eye out for creditors….. He expanded this tiny store to encompass the whole block and turned the neighbouring streets into artisan galleries. … (AKA Mirvish Village).

Deep discount all the way ….. No high traffic locations with ample parking for Ed ….. He opened his restaurant in the freight yards ….. No parking, limited menu … Just beef + 2 veg served on all 3 floors of the warehouse and you had to line up to get in. Single selection for desert … Pie & ice cream.

He did the same with 2 more warehouses of 3 floors each. Again, beside the tracks (One served chicken only; The other fish only).

Even though he’s passed on ….. The store still gives away thousands of turkeys at Christmas …. How’s that for CRM Canadian style?

Enough from me ….. Do your own Google and you’re on the way to your very own world’s best, Phd in marketing.

About the subject line ….. Ed welcomed everyone from all walks of life; Stage, screen, sports, ambassadors and yes! …. Even royalty.

God Bless you Ed. … You were a blessing for Canada an inspiration to all Canadians.

First thing tomorrow …. I really must get someone to replace the “T” on the sign.

Honest Ed Mirvish store Bloor & bathurst, Toronto, Canada


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What are you focussing on, today?

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In another forum; The subscriber posted … (Snipped) ” As you know, the stock markets worldwide are plummeting. Financial institutions/ banks are dragging their feet. Some of the consequences would be painful, in spite of best efforts from governments around the world.

The question is: do you have a strategy to react to this situation?” (Endsnip)

Here’s my reply …..

What we acknowledge has power over us.

We become what we focus upon.

I prefer to put a few possibility thinkers together and ask … “I’ve enjoyed xx% annual growth over the last xx years and my objective is help each other continue that … I’m in the xxx business. … What ideas do you have for me”? ….. They synergy in that room is awesome.

I don’t attend pity parties. Don’t go around town acknowledging doom and I’m only seeking what **will** work to continue my growth.

Bottom line …… We have a market of at least 300 million. What are they buying and how can we supply them? …… That’s how I entered the bathroom tissue biz, kept my family for a winter and made some marvelous contacts.

Here’s Hayley Solich’ fabulous video presentation of her strategy for expanding her colleagues visions. View Here

Your comments and insights appreciated.


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October 7, 2008

Keeping your door always open.

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Recently in a Skype to Skype conversation with a colleague on the other side of the world;   We encountered too many dropped lines and had to switch to Yahoo to complete the conversation.    The parties may have had too many processes loaded and our equipment wasn’t coping too well.

Although I like to keep my business and personal door wide open and have several contact methods available in Towncrier’s Contact Portal. We use Skype Out as our main service for calls to land lines and am fairly well satisfied with the service even though experiencing a few challenges occasionally;    Especially on Skype to Skype calls with Australian colleagues.

Recently;   I had a particularly exasperating call when speaking with a client several hundred miles away in Canada where the line was dropped several times.

I later learned they were using a cordless telephone and it’s very likely that stray signals from a microwave or other device, were interfering with the call.

Previously I had been using an old stand-alone computer for communications and even though the machine was a P3 klunker with sparse memory; …. It performed well and I was well satisfied.

A couple of caveats when using your computer for important calls.

A. Try to keep other processes and bandwidth use to a minimum ….. Terminate Video, music, radio etc.

B. Ensure the other party is not using a cordless telephone.

C. Don’t wear your headset in a thunder storm.

My policy is to keep my door always open and one tool that works superbly well is our Contact Portal which facilitates instant contact from anywhere on earth.   Why and How Here


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Is your Internet Presence a banquet for stalkers?

With a single click a stalker can find all about you complete with a map to where you live and instructions how to get there.

Don’t believe me? I typed a couple of phone numbers into a google bar and my eyes popped.

Ever heard the phrase “Hiding in plain view” This is the other edge of the internet sword that should be working for you. You can hide your identifying details and still have your door wide open. More Here.

Just met some-one about whom you would like to know more but hesitant about disclosing too much? Use my chat room for initial contact. It’s a cinch to use. It’s free and there’s nothing to download. http://Towncrierbroadcasting.com/ChatRoom

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