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August 22, 2010

Eureka Moment while using My Cell Phone in another city.

Hi Folks.

Having created complete cell service which includes Unlimited Long Distance across Canada that only costs me $18.00 per month makes me just a tiny bit smug and I’m enjoying it.

I had another recent Eureka Moment.    When in London Ontario;   I needed to call another city and expected to have to return to my Laptop and make the call     (Yup!   My laptop has a phone number).   but by adding the digit one before dialing I was enable to make this cross country call for free.

Whether it’s my Toronto, NY or London line that’s being called:  I answer on my cell phone wherever I am and it doesn’t cost me a dime;  Without my computer.

Folks! …. If you’re paying more than $20/Mth for Unlimited Long Distance Calling, Home Phone or Cell Phone Service. … You’re being robbed and systematically shredding $100 bills and flushing them down the drain.

A new day has dawned for Telephone Subscribers. The carriers are scrambling for business and have incredibly cheap packages when we know where to look.

If you think it’s time to cast off the shackles of those scheming corporations and their torturous phone bills. … Get in touch and I’ll be glad to show you how to do it. …. Info Here

Send this to all your friends; …. It may save some-ones sanity.

Feel free to leave us your comment or ideas for supplemental resources you have discovered.

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