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January 17, 2018

YOU STINK! … Don’t knock it. Data from human gasses can be valuable.

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OK! Just what I needed to know today but concepts in the referenced article are no surprise since our wallet can be ‘sniffed’ to determine if our Transit Pass is up to date.

Can we expect those ‘Security Pillars” that stores are using to ‘sniff out’ shoplifters as they exit the store. Will they be ‘enhanced’ & our ‘gas envelope’ similarly sniffed and the data sold interested parties.

I expect to be assured that its ‘Meta data’ being collected without any identifying information.

Can we now talk about that bridge?

Pour a couple of fingers of Maker’s Mark, Schmooze & Snooze.  ….. For the whole enchilada Click Here




Your vehicles’ electronic systems can kill.

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Dateline: Toronto, Canada.

We sadly lost another Angel.

Camila Torcato

An unoccupied vehicle moved and killed this precious soul.  … At time of writing: Cause of the movement had not been established.

Today’s cars are loaded with sensors, some of which control the transmission. … Do some research and we discover that these sensors and other electronic controls are not foolproof and do malfunction, often at inconvenient (and dangerous) times.

When your vehicle is unattended: The engine must be off, Transmission selector in “Park” position and the brake applied.

First Hand Report: … I’m aware of these dangers from unattended vehicles, having had a vehicle ‘run away’.  …  Our home was poorly positioned on the residential street and had a steep driveway.

As a contractor with several vehicles; Safety was uppermost in my mind, at all times and parking instructions were clear. … Engine Off, Transmission in ‘Park’, key removed,  Brake on, a blocking brick under the rear wheel and the vehicle locked. (Sounds like a control freak but the down side was too big).

Arriving home one evening to discover the children had been in the unlocked car and had moved the drive selector. … The vehicle had careened across the street and killed a neighbours tree.

We were fortunate. … The angels were still with me.

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January 9, 2018

A bouquet & A suggestion for Rogers.

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I’d like to be clear that my interactions with Rogers’ reps have generally been satisfactory whether in person, online or via the telephone. The sole exception being their Queensway, Etobicoke office where they wanted to see my driver’s licence before talking to me.

Rogers gets a lot of ‘stick’ but I’m fairly well satisfied with what they provide for me, even thought it does grate a bit when I’ve been a client for over ten years and they’re offering new clients a far better deal than I have. … Maybe it is time to take a closer look at other offers.

A few years ago; I’d wandered into Rogers’ 1030 Adelaide St, London store where manager Matt took a look at my account, made a few adjustments and made me a happy camper.

Another important plus was that I now had a “Goto” person and didn’t have to wait interminably, on the phone, for a Customer Rep.

Fast forward a couple of years and noticing main line suppliers, including Rogers, were scrambling to challenge Freedom Mobile’s latest offer. …. I already have goto contacts and a sweet mobile deal with Freedom. It was time to have a chat with Matt and re-align not only, my account but also, those of a few friends & clients.

A snowy slushy day in January, 2018 and I’d dropped in to have a chat with Matt and expected the store to be busy on account of the recent, seemingly sweet deals they were offering. … I was prepared to wait.

Customer Care Rep Curtis was just finishing up with a client and I took the opportunity to mention that I was looking for Matt. … Here’s Curtis’ reply that he tossed over his shoulder, before I had finished and as he scurried away: …


Our hero, Curtis, didn’t have a clue whom he was addressing and my innocuous enquiry seemed to be a developing inconvenience for him.

Here’s your clue, Curtis: … Times are a-changing. … “Cutting the cord” is on almost, everyone’ lips. … Many of us are vaguely aware of the 1,500 channel universe and the term “Kodi” is arousing more interest with each passing day. … I never had “The Cord” and my 22 broadcast channels come over the air (OTA) via a premium antenna.

Let’s look at the telephone side of your employer’s business. for a moment: …. I have 10 phone lines. … Some Canadian, some US and a couple of European providors. … Most of them are freebies and those that I choose to pay for are cellular lines which cost me $7/Mth and $25/Annually, respectively. … These two are from household names that almost everyone would recognize. … Would you concede that I may know a bit about VOIP & Cellular telephony and where the best bang for the buck is? …. (Bring me your phone & $100 and I’ll give you free US & Canada cell service and toss in free texting).

Major consideration No.3: … I’m the (Unpaid) goto tech guy for a couple of dozen friends and the tech guy for a dozen or so business folks.

How much would losing a couple of dozen accounts cost his employer over the next 10 years and how would said employer feel about unnecessarily, losing half a million dollars in revenue?

So here we are today: … Ted is wondering how someone who could use more training in customer care is allowed to interact with customers? … If I were a vindictive person and Curtis’ shabby treatment motivated me to “Not get mad, Get even”: Maybe returning to the store, handing out a pamplet & and telling everyone in the line that I’m getting cell & TV for free & they can too, would give me a chuckle.

Maybe I’ll return to their parking lot and plaster every car with my promo. (Or should I wait ’till Saturday morning and give everybody in their store a brochure)?

 Free Cell service from Phonemax.ca

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