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February 18, 2018

Newest Mega Snoopers Are out-smarting the Boffins

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Snoopers are everywhere. … Many of us safeguard our credit cards & other electronically readable items with a special wallet but i may not be enought.
The referenced article indicates it may not be sufficient & be time for “Plan B”.
My own current precautions are:
A. … Any on line financials are done via “Hard wired”  connections.  …. Never over Wi-Fi.
B. … Do not use ‘Tap only” cards for purchases.
C. … Use a 2nd bank account for paying bills.
D. … Only pre-paid cards are used for on-line purchases.

February 8, 2018

I always say “Yes”!

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Ask me to lend you $100 ’til payday and I’ll say “Yes”!

Ask me if I know where you can get a million dollars & will gladly say “Yes”!

THERE ARE A FEW EXCEPTIONS:   When a stranger calls me on the phone and asks if I can hear them. … My answer is NOT “YES”. … The only answer should be IMMEDIATELY HANG UP or let your generic Voice-Mail take your calls.

It’s an automatic reaction to answer “Yes” to a simple question like “Can you hear me”? However: There are demons lurking; Your voice may be recorded, run through an algorithm and your “yes” can be part of a legally binding contract.

Scenario No. 2. … Your conversation is again recorded and run through a process ready to attach to a carefully prepared script which is then “boiler roomed” to every one of your contacts. …. The recipients will listen to this call because they’re familiar with your voice and happily wait for “A Director” to come on the line. …. The trap is now sprung.

Discover how the ‘Can you hear me?’ phone scam works:  Click Here.

And it’s not just your voice being spoofed. … They’re switching faces on porn videos and you (Or loved ones) can be awakened by a phone call that informs you that you now are a star and there may be nothing that you can do about it.  Info here.



You may be a Porn Star without even knowing.

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Caution Indelicate Content.

At first glance: I didn’t give a Tinker’s if someone grabbed my image, ran it through an A. I (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm, stuck this visage on a movie and made me an Internet Star but on further reflection it could be really sticky if there were children involved in this dubious, unauthorized creativity.

Kiddy Porn seems to be a huge business and we’re increasingly, seeing reports where police forces have collaborated across multiple continents and are collaring pervs with thousands of images in their possession. …. There is a demand for kiddie pics as well as boys and girls of all ages.

Whether from mischief, lover’s revenge, profit or other nefarious uses; Innocent lives are going to be devastated from this improper use of this technology.

You’re aware that when we OK providor’s terms of service; We may have given said providor exclusive rights in perpetuity, to all content that we post.

Need a hair raising yarn? … Read your favourite Social Media’s terms of service. … It doesn’t take a Ph D in rocket science to realize that you have given your permission for those comments and pictures that you proudly and lovingly share, could be sold (Over & over again) to anyone with an untraceable, Pre-Paid credit card.

Not wishing to lay all the blame at the feet of Social Media; There are “Scrapers” that can crawl the web and make face replacement a piece of cake.

One small defense for us; Would be to use an image editor and add noticeable, identifying text to the image before sharing. …. One of my favourite image editors is IrfanView. … Its easy to use & you’ll be able to add text and identify where you posted the image.

I don’t have more of an answer for you. … If you do: Your input is welcomed.

For a few more insights of this disturbing industry. …. Click Here

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