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September 28, 2008

Only a dumbkopf ignores the wake up calls.

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Our friend is in hospital recovering from quadruple heart by-pass surgery and in addition to keeping him and his attending medical team in your prayers ….. I’d like you to discover the positive and heed his predicament as a wake-up call to seek ideas for caring for your loved ones.

My neighbourhood is the internet and my neighbours are scattered across the world … There is no accumulating mail or milk bottles on the door step to alert neighbours that our habits have changed and nudge them to investigate.

Many of us are living alone and don’t know our neighbours and when misfortune comes knocking from a fall or stroke we can be stranded for days hoping that some-one will find us.     No one found my friend Herb and he died.

My neighbours are scattered across the world and if they don’t see my tracks across the internet they soon start jerking my chain to see if all is well.    As I was writing this; Lindy Asimus poked her nose in and checked on me.   (Thanks for caring Lindy).

Being a smoker and having my father and several friends felled by stroke;  I’m particularly sensitive to the possibility of being unexpectedly incapacitated and unable to summon help and am in the process of providing my scattered friends with a friend’s telephone number who will; After doing her investigation will alert local emergency services to the probability of my misfortune.

Reg was fortunate and able to summon timely help.     My father’s stroke caused immediate death.    and even though we were pushing him to take a few precautions and caring people were only steps away for my friend Herb;  He couldn’t summon help and was discovered too late.

As we’re eagerly anticipating Reg’s return.     Think about ideas for keeping an eye on friends living alone and a strategy for summoning help when their habits change.    Karen lives in California and her life was saved by her children checking on her from Norway and the Philippines.    More ideas and links to Karen and Herb’s story here

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September 25, 2008

Working the rubber chicken circuit for fun and profit.

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How does the idea sound of showcasing your industry to a room full of folks who want to be there, want to hear you and will feed you for free?

One of the toughest jobs for the Programme Chairman of the local service club (Rotary, Optimists, Lions etc). is to find speakers for their monthly dinner meeting.

Programme chairmen are always on the lookout for fresh ideas for dinner meetings and a well contructed letter offering your services will often be warmly welcomed.

Although it’s usually only a half hour slot;   Being Guest Speaker at these meetings is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business in a welcoming environment.

This isn’t an opportunity to “Pitch” your business or collect business cards for follow-up but rather should be used as an opportunity to share a few ideas that may not be evident but are working well for others.

Of course materials should be on hand for requests and telephone calls will arrive..

More on this idea in audio format at: http://www.bnipodcast.com/  See Episode 70 “Referrals for the Difficult-to-Refer Business”.

I’m pleased to give Heidi Caswell full credit for pointing me to this valuable resource.

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September 9, 2008

Is what they’re hearing the same as what you’re saying?

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What you say vs what they hear.

Usually our presentations are crafted to elicit a series of approving comments leading to an order.

The danger with this strategy is that it’s easy for our suspect to feel they’re being “sold” and rather than taking steps towards us;      Their comfort zone is often to hold back and even worse ……. subconsciously reject our concept.

“He that complies against his will Is of his own opinion still.”
~Samuel Butler (1612-1680), in Hudibras. Part iii. Canto iii. Line 547

Our Holy Grail must then be for our prospect to become so thirsty for what we have that they’re excited about moving forward with us …. When we have that down pat the Brass Ring is within our grasp.

Scott Stratten recently sent me this short video which does an excellent job of creating excitement and anticipation ….. and no product is ever mentioned.     I can envisage many uses for this idea and probably you will, too.   

I usually prefer to embed videos but it isn’t possible in this case. …… So ….It’s all here folks

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