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August 27, 2008

Tips on creating your own marketing videos.

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For your marketing …. A short video; Either auto-play or click-to-play is an excellent method of introducing yourself or your ideas to a visitor and can elevate your site above the mediocrity of the sameness of the chest thumpers. …..

I stole this from Billie Nicholson’s post in a Ryze forum and have appended a few comments of my own

Start Billie’s post ….

If you’re building a business and are using the internet for part of your marketing, don’t overlook the latest idea of using http://www.YouTube.com to promote your business model, your products or your mentorship capability.

An inexpensive video camera, a tripod (please use one of these to avoid viewer malaise) and an editing software (imovie in MAC platforms and Camtasia by http://www.TechSmith.com for pc) will get you going.

Set up your ‘filming set’ indoors or in an evenly shaded quiet area. Try not to have bright windows behind the subject. Your camera will autoexpose and close down the aperture resulting in a dark subject. Think about what you want to say and practice it a few times.

Get a friend to help you. He should make sure that you are visible in the lens (no heads cut off). Speak to the camera but see only your friend. You want your message to be bright and friendly. Speak clearly and confidently and deliver useful content. Don’t forget these three basics:

This is what I’ve got; this is what it will do for You; and here’s what I want you to do. Don’t forget to tell them how to contact you. We’re business mentors in the best business model on the planet!

Check us out at www.GotStoneSoup.com or speak to us directly at 850 433-4087.

… End Billie’s post

Notes from Ted …

A few things before you start ….. Expect to use up at least a day for creating your script and another half a day for filming.

1. Write a script and try to memorize it. Record it without video to get a sense of how you sound

2. Turn off phone, cell phone, alarm clocks etc.

3. Have a glass of water handy.

4. Visit the bathroom before you commence filming your epic.

5. Try and use natural light for filming.

6. A Camcorder is far better than a Webcam for filming and even the $100 units do a fair job.

See also … Create your own Tele-Prompter for $40 Click Here

Is there room for video in your family business? Click Here


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August 24, 2008

I’m now completely free of telephone bills.

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I’ve become my own phone company, booted out the conniving corporations and I’m now completely free of all telephone bills.

It has taken substantial time and effort to locate and fully evaluate offerings from numerous suppliers but the result is a solid system that lets me make telephone calls, (Both outbound and inbound). throughout N. America and to many major cities throughout the world and at absolutely zero cost.

My first freebie international call was to The Ritz Hotel in London where I asked them: “Was an umbrella needed this weekend”?

When I started on this journey; I already had a no cost, incoming phone and fax service and have now expanded to several incoming lines in NY, WA, & IA, 3 outgoing lines and a telephone number in the UK.     All ring on my desk or Laptop and I don’t have to pay a dime.

Since these systems are mainly hosted on remote servers ….. they can be accessed from any computer, cell phone or appliance that has Internet access.

Another neat contact system that I make available to clients …. When I make a contact who isn’t Net savvy and prefers the telephone. ( in S. Africa , for example). …. I can often provide him with a local telephone number where he can reach me and can assist him even if I’m not currently in Canada.

AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER …. I managed to pick up a freebie, unlimited length, treed voice mail system that delivers an alert to my cell phone that a response to an advertisement is awaiting my attention.

What really turns my crank, though …. My costs for cell phone service are hammered down to under $25 annually.

If these ideas are something that could be of value to you ….. Request the info pack and let’s get you started.

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Click here for info on free telephone service

August 18, 2008

There’s so much buzz about Bigfoot I just had to stick my toe in.

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Is the frozen Bigfoot Body Found in Georgia the genuine Sasquatch?

I booted my Phone company and now keep over $1,000 in my pocket.    Every Year

My phone bill, for both cell and home phone, is now around Ten Dollars per month for both and includes a pile of goodies on both phones, like call display, call waiting, 3 way, voice mail and even video calling.    I’ll tell you how I did it for a measly seven bucks … and it’s 100% Legal.

I did it   You can too.  Keep your money where it belongs … In your pocket.    Info Here

August 17, 2008

I ate the huge salami …. One slice at a time.

Salami or other manufactured cold cuts are not usually on my menu and and neither is writing a book. …So; I must also confess ….. Writing a book which even if only 20 pages did faze me a little.

Poking around the extensive resources on Twitter, I came across the idea of publishing and selling only one chapter at a time.      One chapter I could crack off in an evening, let it marinate overnight and polish next morning.

Of course an auto-responder (AR) or two was needed, resulting in another half day of research.     Fortunately I’ve used them previously and knew how to sift through the smoke and mirrors and what to look for.

None really suited ….. So we finally made our own.    (Another half day ‘invested’).

Then we had to create the copy for insertion into the auto-reply and hook this “Killer Presentation” to a payment system to enable us to pick up the odd crust of bread for our genius.

STILL WITH ME? …. Now all we have to do is create some sort of viral system to turn every enquiry into 5 more (AKA Bribery).  and we’ll have the homestead in sight

All that’s left is the delivery mechanism. … It’s an electronically published product so delivery needs to be automatic. … At the moment;   I’m inclined to use the filters in my email system and trigger an auto-reply containing the document, when PayPal notification arrives.

All this for a $7 product that saves the buyer over $600/Yr ….Not a bad offer.    I need to sell a million in the first week or I’m going home to mother.

Here’s the part where I’m asking for some love. A couple of things would help us both.

A. Comment on this post, leave your URL and get yourself some promotion.

B. I need ideas for creating a “Must Have” premium (electronically deliverable). as a reward to customers for telling five friends how fabulous (Or loopy) we are. (Contributions used will receive full attribution)

Send for my package,  experience my marketing machine and post your comments.

Here’s where the magic begins. Magic Department Here

So when you’re faced with consuming a huge salami … Slice it up and haul out a couple of slices to chew on every day and it will be gone in no time, flat. …. Worked for me.


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August 5, 2008

Becoming Sticky automatically.

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How to become sticky without becoming a slave to your blog or even caring how it works.

Being sticky is having your friends return to your site the moment they turn on their computer.

Tough assignment.     Isn’t it?   .. but certainly worth while.

Having a “tickle list” that let’s you send out announcements about your latest article is still a good way to stimulate interest …… but isn’t it far better for them to want to visit you without any prodding?

Enter the automated content genie which automatically delivers fresh content, to your page, every day delivering fresh pertinent content daily and you don’t have to lift a finger to get it.

Just make sure that your automated content is appropriate for your work ….. For example … Auto-content about off road trucks wouldn’t be suitable if you’re all about gardening ….. but content about pets may be.

Do a Google for “Automatic content” and see what comes up for you and get Sticky.

See how Towncrier is using these genies to deliver fresh content in Towncrier’s Chat Room

… and would it hurt you to comment? About Commenting

Don’t slog through 27,453,235 answers when you only need one.   Forget about asking Google   Ask Me


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August 4, 2008

Your own teleprompter for only $40

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Your own teleprompter for only $40

Using a Teleprompter avoids having to switch our eyes from the camera to the screen in order to read our scrolling script when recording a movie. … Constantly moving our gaze from screen to lens leaves much to be desired when the movie is viewed. …. Using this home made Teleprompter helps you to create a more polished product.

The other stars and talking heads have a Teleprompter between them and the camera which lets them read their script without constantly looking away.

Street price on Teleprompters run into hundreds even thousands of dollars …… However; By combining the genius of the overpaid, bone idle Primadonnas at Towncrier and my new friend Otis Collier in Atlanta we’re going to show you how to you can have your own Teleprompter for under forty dollars.

The software you’ll need is from http://www.cueprompter.com/ … Of course it’s a freebie.

…. and would it kill ya’ to leave comment or give us a StubleUpon thumbs up? ….. Heck you may be so impressed that you’ll be blabbing about this on your favourite forums

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August 2, 2008

Is your living room wall a roadblock to reaching your goals?

I’d learned that a single picture could replace a thousand words and noticed the big brands were plastering their pictures over buses, billboards and wherever there was a blank space with the objective of influencing me.

In my fuzzy thinking;   I’d concluded if the brains and suits think that these repeated messages would impact me …… Could I use my pictures to influence me for my benefit?

….. and so the first tiny wish wall designed to influence me, was created.

The picture came from a full page lifestyle ad for Seagram’s liquors and depicted a handsome Georgian style house with circular driveway, shaded by mature oaks.     In the driveway were Jaguar, Mercedes and Bentley automobiles.   The expansive, manicured lawns gently sloping down to the lake. …. A breathtaking property.

These pictures needed a bit of editing to remove the advertising and so a kit of coloring materials was obtained and the children got busy modifying the pictures … which were then framed.

We then proceeded to plaster these pictures all over our home … Beside the bed, facing the toilet, beside the door, in the kitchen, in the powder room and certainly facing my desk.     Maximum impact!  Get the picture?

The children’s friends thought us a bit wierd and my daughters didn’t have any doubt but they all loved me and continued to pack our home.

Did it work?     I continued to focus on our core business, the years ticked by and I woke up to discover that the visualization had delivered a home with all the elements in the pictures.

The trees weren’t mature oaks but palm trees. The house was suburban and the automobiles weren’t luxury imports but they were his n hers late model Cadillacs and while not able to kayak in my own backyard;  I could reach the ocean with a tossed pebble.

Fast forward a few years.    I’d recently moved into a new home and needed furnishings, decor, a Bentley, a laptop, video camera and a few other toys.    It was time for a new “Wish Wall”.     8.5 x 11 pictures were printed out and taped to the dining room wall.

2 years later the wall had delivered everything depicted and although still awaiting the Bentley; It has delivered a bicycle.   (Does that count?).

Now my current wish list is my screen saver.

So the question here today is ……….. Since the heavy marketers are bombarding you with their ideas? What’s preventing you from using the same tactics for your benefit?    It isn’t what your brother in law would think that’s holding you back.  Is it?

See Ryan Higgins & Frank Kern exploring the power of new resonations created when utilizing movies in visualization More Here …

See the Wish Wall Click Here

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