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August 24, 2008

I’m now completely free of telephone bills.

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I’ve become my own phone company, booted out the conniving corporations and I’m now completely free of all telephone bills.

It has taken substantial time and effort to locate and fully evaluate offerings from numerous suppliers but the result is a solid system that lets me make telephone calls, (Both outbound and inbound). throughout N. America and to many major cities throughout the world and at absolutely zero cost.

My first freebie international call was to The Ritz Hotel in London where I asked them: “Was an umbrella needed this weekend”?

When I started on this journey; I already had a no cost, incoming phone and fax service and have now expanded to several incoming lines in NY, WA, & IA, 3 outgoing lines and a telephone number in the UK.     All ring on my desk or Laptop and I don’t have to pay a dime.

Since these systems are mainly hosted on remote servers ….. they can be accessed from any computer, cell phone or appliance that has Internet access.

Another neat contact system that I make available to clients …. When I make a contact who isn’t Net savvy and prefers the telephone. ( in S. Africa , for example). …. I can often provide him with a local telephone number where he can reach me and can assist him even if I’m not currently in Canada.

AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER …. I managed to pick up a freebie, unlimited length, treed voice mail system that delivers an alert to my cell phone that a response to an advertisement is awaiting my attention.

What really turns my crank, though …. My costs for cell phone service are hammered down to under $25 annually.

If these ideas are something that could be of value to you ….. Request the info pack and let’s get you started.

Teddy Towncrier CPP Towncrier-Media.com Supercharging Your Visions.

Click here for info on free telephone service


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