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February 12, 2009

The power and magic of visualization.

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Teddy’s Wish Wall.

Advertisers are scheming to motivate us by constantly bombarding us with their messages.

Visualization strategy has worked for me a couple of times and will for you.

Below are the visuals on my wish wall created soon after moving into my new home.

From past experience; … Constantly bombarding my subconscious with displayed desires had delivered
many of the features depicted in the home I had posted.  So be careful what you constantly focus upon

Everything depicted on the wall has been delivered within one year of posting, including the transportation.
(He delivered a bicycle).

I didn’t constantly pray or beseech for these Items.   Just waited and discovered after one year, that all
the items had been delivered.   To view some of the actual items we have used in our sets.   Click Here

Next Time. … I’ll make my desires much bigger.  To contact us.  Click Here

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