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August 5, 2008

Becoming Sticky automatically.

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How to become sticky without becoming a slave to your blog or even caring how it works.

Being sticky is having your friends return to your site the moment they turn on their computer.

Tough assignment.     Isn’t it?   .. but certainly worth while.

Having a “tickle list” that let’s you send out announcements about your latest article is still a good way to stimulate interest …… but isn’t it far better for them to want to visit you without any prodding?

Enter the automated content genie which automatically delivers fresh content, to your page, every day delivering fresh pertinent content daily and you don’t have to lift a finger to get it.

Just make sure that your automated content is appropriate for your work ….. For example … Auto-content about off road trucks wouldn’t be suitable if you’re all about gardening ….. but content about pets may be.

Do a Google for “Automatic content” and see what comes up for you and get Sticky.

See how Towncrier is using these genies to deliver fresh content in Towncrier’s Chat Room

… and would it hurt you to comment? About Commenting

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