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August 2, 2008

Is your living room wall a roadblock to reaching your goals?

I’d learned that a single picture could replace a thousand words and noticed the big brands were plastering their pictures over buses, billboards and wherever there was a blank space with the objective of influencing me.

In my fuzzy thinking;   I’d concluded if the brains and suits think that these repeated messages would impact me …… Could I use my pictures to influence me for my benefit?

….. and so the first tiny wish wall designed to influence me, was created.

The picture came from a full page lifestyle ad for Seagram’s liquors and depicted a handsome Georgian style house with circular driveway, shaded by mature oaks.     In the driveway were Jaguar, Mercedes and Bentley automobiles.   The expansive, manicured lawns gently sloping down to the lake. …. A breathtaking property.

These pictures needed a bit of editing to remove the advertising and so a kit of coloring materials was obtained and the children got busy modifying the pictures … which were then framed.

We then proceeded to plaster these pictures all over our home … Beside the bed, facing the toilet, beside the door, in the kitchen, in the powder room and certainly facing my desk.     Maximum impact!  Get the picture?

The children’s friends thought us a bit wierd and my daughters didn’t have any doubt but they all loved me and continued to pack our home.

Did it work?     I continued to focus on our core business, the years ticked by and I woke up to discover that the visualization had delivered a home with all the elements in the pictures.

The trees weren’t mature oaks but palm trees. The house was suburban and the automobiles weren’t luxury imports but they were his n hers late model Cadillacs and while not able to kayak in my own backyard;  I could reach the ocean with a tossed pebble.

Fast forward a few years.    I’d recently moved into a new home and needed furnishings, decor, a Bentley, a laptop, video camera and a few other toys.    It was time for a new “Wish Wall”.     8.5 x 11 pictures were printed out and taped to the dining room wall.

2 years later the wall had delivered everything depicted and although still awaiting the Bentley; It has delivered a bicycle.   (Does that count?).

Now my current wish list is my screen saver.

So the question here today is ……….. Since the heavy marketers are bombarding you with their ideas? What’s preventing you from using the same tactics for your benefit?    It isn’t what your brother in law would think that’s holding you back.  Is it?

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  1. That’s an very useful reminder Teddy. A picture board for goals is a great idea and helps us to put our goals forward into our future, so that our less than conscious mind can work towards it. A trap… is when we reach those goals, and have not updated them into the future again, with new goals and purpose to strive toward.

    Mindmapping is a handy way to do this, as it allows us to focus on issues in our life that are important, not just financially, but in all areas of our life, and can encompass abstract and relationship goals, as well as concrete “things” that we may wish. Words, pictures, commitments that we make to ourself… all of these things articulated on a future goal plan can help to get us there. Aligning our actions with our goals and ensuring that the goals that we set complement each other and are not in conflict with each other, all but guarantees it will succeed.

    Comment by Lindy Asimus — August 2, 2008 @ 10:37 pm | Reply

  2. That’s a powerful message Teddy.
    You’ve certainly made me reach for my notepad and I’ll be searching for the right inspirational pictures for my space.

    I remember a guy at a networking event standing up and saying he had a pictures of a very specific yacht in front of his desk. It was the right colour, brand, size, etc that he aspired to own. He said that he hoped that simply glancing at it would be enough…. he didn’t have the boat ‘yet’.

    Addendum from Ted …. Thanks for your comment, Richard.

    Reaching for the notepad won’t do it, ‘ole son. Mine are 8.5′ x 11″ size. and constantly visible.

    When I get up in the night … I see ’em. Same when I’m making dinner … I see ’em.

    When the pics are on the walls It’s all over.

    As a screen saver; I even had a pic of the lady I wanted. …. and Yes! She arrived. (Since Traded).

    The subconscious is really powerful. Isn’t it.

    Now …. Crank up the printer …


    Comment by Richard — August 16, 2008 @ 6:17 am | Reply

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