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August 27, 2008

Tips on creating your own marketing videos.

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For your marketing …. A short video; Either auto-play or click-to-play is an excellent method of introducing yourself or your ideas to a visitor and can elevate your site above the mediocrity of the sameness of the chest thumpers. …..

I stole this from Billie Nicholson’s post in a Ryze forum and have appended a few comments of my own

Start Billie’s post ….

If you’re building a business and are using the internet for part of your marketing, don’t overlook the latest idea of using http://www.YouTube.com to promote your business model, your products or your mentorship capability.

An inexpensive video camera, a tripod (please use one of these to avoid viewer malaise) and an editing software (imovie in MAC platforms and Camtasia by http://www.TechSmith.com for pc) will get you going.

Set up your ‘filming set’ indoors or in an evenly shaded quiet area. Try not to have bright windows behind the subject. Your camera will autoexpose and close down the aperture resulting in a dark subject. Think about what you want to say and practice it a few times.

Get a friend to help you. He should make sure that you are visible in the lens (no heads cut off). Speak to the camera but see only your friend. You want your message to be bright and friendly. Speak clearly and confidently and deliver useful content. Don’t forget these three basics:

This is what I’ve got; this is what it will do for You; and here’s what I want you to do. Don’t forget to tell them how to contact you. We’re business mentors in the best business model on the planet!

Check us out at www.GotStoneSoup.com or speak to us directly at 850 433-4087.

… End Billie’s post

Notes from Ted …

A few things before you start ….. Expect to use up at least a day for creating your script and another half a day for filming.

1. Write a script and try to memorize it. Record it without video to get a sense of how you sound

2. Turn off phone, cell phone, alarm clocks etc.

3. Have a glass of water handy.

4. Visit the bathroom before you commence filming your epic.

5. Try and use natural light for filming.

6. A Camcorder is far better than a Webcam for filming and even the $100 units do a fair job.

See also … Create your own Tele-Prompter for $40 Click Here

Is there room for video in your family business? Click Here


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