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January 24, 2009

Bob’s jammed up and needs love that’s a bit different.

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Bob LaPlante is someone I met on line just over a year ago. ….. Boblaplante.com

While not a relationship that I’d call particularly close; Bob is a valued associate and someone I’ve always found to be generous in sharing his blessings. … Always eager and willing to grease the rails whenever I call upon him.

Today; Bob has some terrible, unexpected family issues and has reached out to us.

Although I would have preferred different circumstances; I now have an opportunity to repay Bob’s friendship and his many kindnesses.

Towncrier is solidly on his team during these times and I pray that your heart will be moved to join me.

I’ll let him tell you the story. Click Here


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January 23, 2009

Are you absolutely sure that you’re really connecting with your market?

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Jamie at http://jamieholt.org sent me this ….. Thanks, Jamie.

Hey Peeps..

Just a quick heads up on a WSO I have running, before I get into today’s message you can find the WSO here:

Instant Commission Affiliate Program Compilation

Now.. with that out the way…

I want to talk a little about connecting with your niche.. I posted about it on the blog a couple of days back but I wanted to add it to you peeps here too..

When I talk about “connecting” with your target market, I really mean connecting. You need to get involved with your niche. Niche forums, message boards, in your local community, read books, magazines, leaflets etc. Anything you can do to associate more with those people in your target market will allow you to connect with them deeply when it comes to promotion.

You don’t need to BEcome one of your target market, but what you should do is associate VERY closely with what and how they are and learn what makes them tick. Their habits, language and all relevant slang and words, attitude.

This all helps.

Your connection being made in pre-selling is one that will carry them through onto the sales page of whatever product you are promoting. Let your readers/prospects know that you are on the same level as they are.

[Ted commentSee “Are 27 contacts really necessary to make the sale?” in Towncrier’s Reports Archive]

In your marketing on a daily basis, you should aim for the outer edges of a market demographic.. don’t try to appeal to a whole market place(you’ll never please everyone), but instead, connect with a niche section of that market place on a deeper level.

They are the fanatical ones, “the geeks”, and I don’t just use the term “geeks” in relation to gadgets or computers. “Geeks” are the fanatical peeps who have a crazy urge to grab anything that is tailored for them.

For years and years now, mass marketing has been targeted to the injection of ads, mail, e-mail, postcards and banners in the face of a whole market place, when really, for us, the money rolls in from smaller niche sections. You connect with a niche section of a marketplace and you really put yourself in a good situation.

[Ted commentFor many years my company functioned as a subcontractor to subcontractors in the construction industry.    We were under the radar to our established and politically connected competitors.   We were committed, passionate and proud.    One day we awakened to discover that we were the leading supplier in our industry and everyone from boss to sweeper continued to prosper..]

There is so much noise in the media and marketing arena in general that the average consumer (Joe Bloggs) has no option but to ignore everything that they don’t have a solid interest in. If your downtown World Of Warcraft gamer is interrupted by an advert for womens Gucci shoes, he’s going to be annoyed, not interested.

Do you see what I mean?.. anything other than an offer that is highly targeted to your prospects interests is an interruption in their time.

So DON’T do it. Show your [insert niche prospect here] exactly what they want and nothing else. Connect with them on a deeper level than an occasional flash of your message, feel with them, associate with them, breathe with them…

Time is so precious that we just can’t waste it reading stuff or being sold on stuff that has no benefit for us, and that goes for everyone.. your prospects, my prospects.. and those of major corporations…
Think about it.

I’m glad we connected today… have fun, mail me, I’m really stacked right now with my products in the works so I am probably not the most responsive dude.. But I do care.



p.s. Have a great, fun filled day.. it’s a historic day with Obama’s thingy… enjoy.. 😉

Affiliate Xtreme 101
Guerilla Marketing UK
Beech Avenue, Droylsden, Manchester

Ted Comment …. If you were accused of being in the [Insert you business category here]. …. Would there be enough evidence to convict you? … See “Are 27 contacts really necessary to make the sale” in Towncrier’s reports series.


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January 20, 2009

Pros and Cons of requiring site visitors to complete a form.

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In another forum there’s a lively debate on the foolishness of requiring visitors, to our pages, to fill in a form in order to proceed into the site.

My preference is not dump visitors into the candy store and expect them to meander at will throughout Towncrier’s resources but rather to present a single exciting concept in a compelling manner and have them request more information.   Personalized automation then can be employed to start building a relationship.  Example Here

There is perhaps a well considered strategy for wanting to know who is poking around and request a bit of information.

It requires a significant investment to get a visitor to our page. ….. Do we want them to ‘steal’ all our goodies and evaporate;   Never to be seen again?

Realtors and Insurance Brokers frequently have stacks of very valuable information available and cheerfully give it away and hope that visitor will someday, return.  (Not a very good bet).

On the other hand; A local Realtor who is stuffing over a million dollars into his pocket annually, freely gives away his information but only after the visitor has identified themselves. … and of course his staff (Or personalized automation). make contact and commence a relationship. …. (He’s also paid handsome fees for lecturing on this strategy).

Another major Canadian financial house buys an hour of radio time, 52 weeks per year and uses his call-in show for only one objective … to get folks to fill in a couple of blanks on his page.

I too have an aversion to jumping through hoops but if the landing page clearly tells me that I’ll be well rewarded for filling in a couple of blanks …. I’ll do it.

So maybe when we encounter a form; Perhaps the advertizer is using a form as a filter to gather only serious prospects. …. Could this be his “Why”?

Your thoughts are welcomed in the comments box below. (URLs Permitted).


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January 19, 2009

J.R. Cohen uses Twitter to double his Texas coffee shop business.

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Twitter is shaping up to be an incredible marketing machine beyond even our wildest dreams and already eye popping success stories are emerging.

In the link below @Pistachio shares with us how J.R. Cohen’s Texas coffee house uses Twitter to double his coffee shop business.

The story is spellbinding by itself but you really must watch the video to experience J.R.’s infectious enthusiasm.  It’s all here folks.

See also “Using Twitter for local marketing”  More..

A few carefully selected nuggets that I’ve discovered on getting the most from Twitter Here

And will it kill ya’ to add a comment?


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January 16, 2009

Real returns from Canadian Banks.

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The Canadian Government has approved a new Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). whereby all income generated inside the account are not taxed.  A few listings.

Government of Canada Info Pack Click Here

Combine that with the new 10% bond offering from Canada’s TD Bank and it makes for some interesting math.  More..

TFSA — what the Tax-Free Savings Account can and can’t do.   More ..

Sit down with your favourite bean counter and see if this combo could work for you?

This is not intended to be legal or any professional advice and the counsel of a skilled prefessional should be sought at all times.


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January 5, 2009

What does your video production shopping list look like?

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If you had $5K to invest on a video production toolkit. … What would your shopping list look like?

A picture IS worth a thousand words and your story told in a video and hosted on-line and streamed across the planet 24/7 is worth ten times that!

Along comes Interactive video which is the new marketing powerhouse since it demolishes the cage around your product showcase and lets you utilize linked videos to introduce your viewer to other, similar, complementary products. (See how we made Colin’s story interactive.   Click Here ).

So here’s my question for you …. If you had decided that $5,000 dollars could get you fairly good foundation for your road to becoming a famous producer. …. How would you invest the money?

Some say Camera is everything while others say don’t scrimp on a microphone. ….. Some feel editing software is worth every penny.     What’s your take?

Let’s share our thoughts and insights in the Comment box below and take this opportunity to become a professor for just a few minutes and we’ll all come out stronger


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Getting your share of the Government Bailout Pie.

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Getting your share of government bailouts doesn’t take a bank of attorneys when all that’s needed is to pick up the telephone and request the forms.

This list of Government purchases is endless and runs from bulk tea to bulldozers and everything in between and almost every citizen may be qualified to bid on government purchases.

Start by searching on line for “Bidding on government projects” and a magic Aladdin’s Cave of names, addresses and telephone numbers opens up for you.    Your job is to select those agencies,   (Local, state or Federal).   which appeal to you and may have a requirement for your services.

Many agencies have special programmes for special groups which often include minorities, handicapped and women owned businesses.

These requests for tenders are so prolific that agencies often receive few or even no replies to tender calls.   (Also called “Request for Proposal” or “RFP” ).    A call the tenders office later in the day after the tender has closed or next morning will tell you if you were the successful bidder and if not;   Who was?

Even if you didn’t bid on the project;   You can still capitalize on this proposed project by requesting a list of bidders and offer your services to the successful bidder as a subcontractor.

By making your name and scope of work, known to the tenders office;   They will frequently refer you when bidders don’t have a supplier handy for your specialty.

Here’s super resource that drills down a bit more into Uncle Sam’s paperwork requirements.  Click Here

After a few months of pursuing your selected agencies;   Don’t be surprised to find your telephone ringing as Companies intending to bid, seek subcontractors and you’ll be notified of upcoming tenders without even opening your mail.

Just obtain the bidders list as soon as the tender is called and read the documents to find out if your specialty is included in the scope of work and then call the prime bidders and give them your “Price”.

Make sure you confirm you “Price” in writing, to the successful bidder.

Functioning as a subcontractor may be less hassle and more profitable than working directly with a government agency since these companies are more sensitive to the needs of small companies and will frequently pay you quickly.   (Cash flow isn’t the main thing …. It’s the only thing).

There is room in the pipeline for the little guy.  Do your homework and get your share.


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January 3, 2009

Guest Post. … What The World Needs Now Is love.

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What The World Needs Now Is love. Kimberlee Ferrell.

It is the start of a fantastic year, and I want to share my enthusiasm with everyone. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of not so great stuff that’s been going on lately. With lots of layoffs in 2008, and more on the way (I heard Microsoft is planning to cut thousands of their workforce) a lot of people are hurt, worried, and scrambling for a new path.

If you are a freelancer right now, you may not have traditional work worries, but your finances may be tight at the moment too. That’s okay. We are all in need of new solutions and new ideas to push past the 2008 slump. Some people, with the traditional dog-eat-dog scarcity mentality, are becoming bitter and aggressive in their new ventures.

It is an understandable reaction, as the uncertainty of our lives can strike fear into the hearts of many people. Yet I do not think this is necessary. In the online community, there are so many ways to make a living, and a good one at times. It takes a lot of work, even the “smart instead of hard” work. You will invest a lot of sweat and tears in your efforts, and the results may not be immediate.

We need to build each other up during these times. We need to push each other on to greatness, even if we don’t see ourselves in a stable position yet. When we promote each other, we will all succeed.

Many people find this difficult. They still believe that life is a stiff competition, with clear winners and losers. Yet with all the options available to us, we can all win. We may not be the first runner across the finish line, yet as long as we cross it, we will have succeeded.

Here’s an example: two freelance writers (who are also friends) apply for a job. One gets the job, one doesn’t. The first writer has crossed the finish line first. Many times, this is the end of the story.

However, if there is a spirit of community, the first writer might recommend the second to additional clients in search of new writers (since he is busy with his new job.) Then, the second writer gets a writing job, and has also crossed the finish line of success. In a scarcity mindset, this doesn’t happen.

The first writer would keep all his new client contacts to himself, and not share his potential for success with his friends. He may take on additional jobs, hoarding the potential income for himself. He might even take the new jobs, and become overloaded and burnt out.

In that scenario, nobody wins. I want to remind you all, that the online community is a powerful and beautiful thing. It gives us the needed support, even in the roughest times. It can bring us cheer and motivation, when we aren’t at our best.

In short, you can’t go wrong with community. Spread the love to all your online friends and acquaintances. Do what you can to help them, and we will all get through this year. Together.

This article was generously supplied by Kimberlee Ferrell.

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I don’t have time for Twitter or Facebook.

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Many of us are overjoyed about the quality and number of new friends and contacts we’re developing from investing half an hour each day in our favourite social network.

Yet there are others who see them as a huge time waster. ….

HERE’S THE HARD, BAD NEWS ….. If we don’t invest a little time talking to our friends and customers. ….. Somebody else will! …. Is that what you want? … (See also “Using Twitter for marketing locally“).

Put an end to flushing your time down the drain when it’s like trying to push a marshmallow into a parking meter. … Send them to this Blog Post video where Perry Belcher does a superb job telling us where the rubber really meets the road in customer care.


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