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September 24, 2019

First hand experience of Big Sibling snooping my mail and offering to help me.

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A bud and I were banging on, via email,  about enjoying distant vacation spots and Whaddayaknow? … “Big Sibling” appended suggested phrases​, ​ for inclusion in my reply.


Not too concerned though since Uncle George alerted us to “Big Sibling” in 1949 and only now in 2018 has it hit me squarely between the eyes​ what mischief he is really up to​ in our life.

The Big G had read my incoming mail, added it’s contents to their Mega Data, parsed this incoming communication & provided me with their own reply suggestions.
Isn’t that just so precious, Sugar?
P.S. I read a leading platform’s Hideous Terms of Service and now try to avoid using their Messaging. …. Am now using TextNow. … It has a distinctive alert for IMs and they give us a free phone No. (Canada & US)

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