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March 26, 2009

Does blowing off steam really help?

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Some of us let the drang and sturm of everyday life get to us and I’ve had my share of niggling concerns but I can’t see the value of disrupting my emotional health and demolishing my peace of mind.

My philosophy is to “Let it go” and move on to something more important.

On the other hand there are some who seem to feel that “Blowing the Stack” is the answer.

I received the following from Vince Wright which gives us a couple of interesting perspectives on what blowing off steam really costs us.

A message to all members of MyLinkingPowerForum.com

In my coaching sessions, I make clear to those I’m working with that it’s okay for them to vent to me – privately.

None of us can get through an entire life without venting – nor should we permit ourselves to be cornered into believing that a life without venting is even possible.

Yet, looked at from a certain perspective, venting represents energy – a LOT of energy!

During times when things are challenging us the most, we need the most energy we can get. And remember this: Human energy is finite. (And, too, we use a lot of energy to replenish energy. (Consider, for example, how much energy we expend in finding, preparing, and consuming food.))

So, here’s the thing to think about when it comes to venting.

1. Constructive venting is like a controlled burn – talking things out with trusted friends, writing blogs and posting to forums, reciting poetry, playing a musical instrument, painting, playing board games, exercises such as kick boxing, shadow boxing, calling 211, etc. can be looked at as constructive ways of venting,

2. Negative venting is like an uncontrolled burn – it’s getting out some of the poisonous things inside but at too high a price – yelling, profanity, verbal abuse, physical abuse, intentionally manipulating others to their detriment, self-sabotage can be looked at as negative ways of venting.

So, while venting should be an integral part of your self-management, make sure that your venting is as useful, purposeful, and as constructive as possible…

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!
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March 23, 2009

Going on job interviews but don’t have a wardrobe? …. Here’s your Sir Galahad of fashion.

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Times are changing. …. Many folks are now finding it necessary to seek a new job or re-enter the work force but are stuck because they don’t have an outfit that will make a great first impression.

Fear not dear hearts …. Sir Galahad is at hand with completely no cost, appropriate, “Knock ’em dead” outfits for your interviews.

I’d been assisting a client with her personal packaging for re-entry into the work-force (Mainly an On-Line showcase for her C.V.). and discovered a major challenge that we also had to address was her wardrobe for interviews and ongoing work performance.

I’d heard of a women’s support group who provided wardrobes for re-emerging women but unfortunately it had suspended operations and then I discovered Toronto’s ‘Dress Your Best’ who serve Men, Women and Children.

Toronto’s Dress Your Best changes the lives of Canadians by outfitting women, men and youth with clothing for employment. DYB gives each client an average of 5 outfits – 20 to 30 articles of clothing – including shoes and various accessories. The clothes and accessories are meant to provide the client with a complete quality wardrobe for interviews and ongoing employment. Our professional trained Image Consultants offer a one-on-one service, in which they work together to choose attire that will best fit the client’s needs and individual style.

Toronto’s Dress Your Best served over 1,000 clients in 2008 and have boutiques for Men, women and children.

Here’s where you can get more information to help smooth the road on your new journey.  http://Dressyourbest.ca  Or: Contact Sandra Vey at L.A.M.P  416-252-6471 Extension 239

For wardrobe assistance in cities other than Toronto, ON, Canada. Try http://dressforsuccess.org

Icon Info  Here

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All the music you can handle. Courtesy of Youtube.

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I just discovered that we can listen to our favourite artists for an hour and don’t have to buy or download anything

Simply login to http://Youtube.com and enter your favourite artist into the search box.   Soon a list of their videos will appear and you can then select a single video or a play list.

When you click ‘Play all’ on your selected play list ….. All the Youtube videos of your selected artist will start playing.

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March 17, 2009

Toronto … A local printer you must really get to know.

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Since I speak with different businesses, having several different types of business card is a good idea and I often print them to suit.

This means that several different card packs are necessary and I needed extra plastic cases for storing each set.   The local printer was the logical choice.

I’d never met Jeff and Katrina previously, so we didn’t have an established relationship and I indicated up front, that this wasn’t a million dollar deal and that I was basically scrounging.   Unfortunatedly they couldn’t fill my requirement.  I thanked them and left.

Imagine my astonishment when half a block away; Jeff was tapping me on the shoulder asking …. “Is this what you’re seeking?” …. He had checked further and discovered exactly what I needed and chased after me to let me know. …… We did this $2.00 deal and he tossed in a card holder for my desk.

Jeff’s extra effort is a great example of “Paying it Forward” and he took the time from eating his lunch to chase after me.

GraphicPrintandCopies 142 Islington Ave. Etobicoke. Tel:416-255-1381

If you have contacts in Canada. ….. Jeff’s gesture is certainly worth a Retweet. …. The Lockharts are suppliers that I’ll be keeping close to my heart for many years to come and they definitely deserve some extra “buzz”. ….. Suggested copy … RT @Teddytowncrier CANUCKS … Mind Blowing, Super Service from my new Toronto Printer The full story http://tinyurl.com/dzqgdk


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March 12, 2009

Is “Work” a Magical word that makes people disappear?

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In another forum a poster had asked “Is ‘Work’ a Magical word that makes people disappear?”

“When a man is passionate about his project. …. Making it happen isn’t work; It’s a joy and he’ll never work a day in his life!”

So then our initial objective must be surround ourselves with winners with a similar mind set and avoid the whiners like the plague.

Another poster had alluded to “Recession” even though 93% of N. America’s work force is employed and in my book that’s a heathy percentage of employment.

I’ll acknowledge that there may be some discomfort in parts of the country. …. The winners will re-establish their priorities and plot a course to meet their new objectives. … The whiners will continue to live their lives by default and to someone else’s dictates.

I’m in N. America and our great countries came from zero to greatness in under 200 years using vision. initiative, courage, commitment and the necessary effort to get them to their objectives. ….

In my case I have a marketplace in excess of 300 million; India’s is even bigger with a middle class bigger than that of the USA & Canada combined. …. The only question is. … What do they need & how can we supply it?

When we think it’s tough going. … Sometimes our blessings arrive in strange packaging.   more

FWIW my magic word is “Opportunity!”

Where do you see opportunity is today’s changing environment?


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