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May 22, 2009

The lusting may be over.

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There are on-line videos enjoying millions of views each month and it was really bugging me that I didn’t have a system to cash in and then The Lord once again, added another blessing and sent me the how-to for making videos interactive.     See Demo Video Click Here

Today I discovered a famous piano playing cat that’s enjoying over one million views every month.

The fame was achieved in part, by the networks picking up the story and featuring the creator.

So now the challenge is to crank up the buzz for my latest video and find a high value product that will appeal to my viewers.

Of course …. I added a Tweet This Button to the presentation for leverage and will be using Tweet Later to hit the sweet spots in the major markets, for Twitter reading.

Here’s the enchilada ….. Enjoy Here

And will it kill ya’ to give me a Retweet or a comment?


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May 17, 2009

What the Tweetwoo is this?

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What the Tweetwoo is this?

I just stumbled across a neat little package that lets us record a 140 second audio commercial and blast it across the planet …. and it’s no cost.

Before you go ballistic on me and start commenting that “I’d never do that”! …. Can we agree that commercials still seem to be working well for Proctor and Gamble and many other multi-nationals?

I created a gold plated idea for my FriendForce (Took me 10 minutes including writing the script and re-recording). and the phone company automatically posted it on Twitter for me. …. I modified the wording of the post and will be using http://tweetlater.com to post to the email reading “sweet spots” in the major markets.

The “Tweet This” link at the bottom is another hallucination from the bone idle Prima Donnas over here. …. If you must;   You could click on it and send a tweet for me and give me 10,000 endorsed, Twitter distribution.

Here’s all the info: (It just happens to contain the commercial that I cut). … and yes it really is a gold plated idea. … and the Tweet This icon below really works.


Teddy Towncrier CPP Towncrier-Media.com Supercharging Your Visions.

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Can we agree

May 16, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger came calling.

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Other than the awe of each new day …… Few of us have a WOW experience that takes our breath away but one arrived recently that didn’t hit me until next day.

A few of us had been assisting Lamar J Morgan and his colleagues organize a community celebration in his N. California town of Hidden Valley.

Lamar is a generous, hard working lad and worthy of support and so;   From across the world we came to pitch in and make this event a spectacular success.

It seems the fame of his group’s labours reached ears in the State Capitol since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took the time to send a spontaneous, “Thank You” note applauding the group’s initiative in making the event possible.

Letter of congratulations from Governor Schwartzenegger.
Now that’s what I call “First class mail”.

Here’s the rest of the story. Click Here


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May 9, 2009

It takes more than shredding documents to keep your info safe

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It takes lots more than shredding documents to keep your personal information safe. Avoid identity theft and safeguard your life.

Identity theft is skyrocketing.

Here’s the best instructional video I’ve found for keeping you safe.

Common sense strategies for sidestepping identity theft.

See also … Is your internet presence a banquet for stalkers Click Here

You are going to gather your family and watch this together ….. Aren’t you?

The URL for this video is Http://Budurl.com/zmq7


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May 5, 2009

There’s legal and then there’s right …. Bulldozing new homes is not right.

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The world is going to hell in a handcart when banks are destroying new homes.

Thousands of families are squeezed in with parents or unsuitable housing because they’re experiencing a temporary hitch in their life and banks are bulldozing homes.

So “the numbers may not work” for this bank. ….There’s “Legal” and there’s “Right”!   

I don’t have all the facts of this situation but what’s reported in this clip tells me ….. This is far from right!

Want to make your Governor squirm? ….. Ask them why they’re allowing bulldozing of homes when there are so many families in pain?

Take action against this travesty? …. Find your elected representative and give them a piece of your mind.   Start Here.

Ohio businessman won’t hand his home to the bank. … He brings in a bulldozer and gives ’em matchsticks. …. View Here


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May 3, 2009

Keeping the horse before the cart when using Audio/Video in your marketing.

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When using audio and video in your marketing.  Make sure you keep the horse before the cart.

Although a video or audio recorded interview often tells a better story than print;   Putting the cart before the horse can seriously cripple the effectiveness of this dynamic medium.

Excitement and anticipation are easily created in an Interview or video and when you’ve engaged your viewer;   It’s a simple task to nudge them to the next step.

Invest some time in writing ( and re-writing) your scripts and practice your delivery into a recorder and you’ll soon know how you sound and what about your delivery needs attention.

Copy writing is an art and we want to engage the reader so well that they’ll rush to take the next step …. However;  Here’s the “BIG BUT” ….. We’re bombarded with so much promotion that our audiences are becoming weary and if they aren’t grabbed in the first couple of seconds;   They won’t likely view the video.  Desire won’t be generated,   It won’t be viewed and your impact is down the drain.

INSTEAD … Think about putting serious marketing muscle into ballyhooing your interview in your favorite promotion spots and let the excitement you’ve created in your Video/Interview nudge the Viewer/Listener to the next step which may be a web page or form.

Twitter is an excellent medium for promoting your video and if you’ve invested some time in nourishing your followers (AKA my Friendforce)….. Don’t be surprised to find that they’ve come to your aid and your second tier distribution from Re-Tweets is ten times the distribution of your list alone.

Towncrier recently completed an audio interview for a N. California town’s event and the second tier distribution from ReTweets was over ten times the subscribers on the initial list.

CAVEAT …. Nourish your Friendforce by regularly sending them your nuggets and discoveries.  Don’t neglect them for weeks and expect them to jump to your assistance just because you have a promotion.   Treat them as the treasured friends they are and they’ll treat you the same way.    See Don’t be That Guy.

Keep the horse before the cart and use audio and video to generate the excitement which magically turns listeners into Golden Cash Paying Customers.


Teddy Towncrier CPP Towncrier-Media.com Supercharging Your Visions.

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May 1, 2009

A board of directors of our life is more important than a board for your business.

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A board of directors of our life is more important than a board for your business.

I can hear you saying “Who me? Board of directors? Take your Meds Teddy!”

No! I’m not hallucinating; Many of us have a board of directors of our life without being aware! Often this board is composed of:

Mum and dad.

A trusted friend.

Work colleagues.

A brother or sister.


Trusted business associate.

Schooldays chum.

All the above are resources that we informally tap into as needed. A group meeting is seldom organized and valuable synergy is lost (Plus there’s an attendant risk if we don’t take their advice; We may put some-ones nose out of joint).

THE MAGIC MUSCLE IS IN THE SYNERGY When Ford decides it’s time to vanquish Toyota; Bill Ford doesn’t sit down in a coffee shop with a yellow pad and singularly, develop a plan to revolutionize his plants; Instead, he calls a meeting of the best brains he can find to not only accomplish his objective but also, identify other priorities and opportunities by tapping the minds of the participants. (And he serves lunch).

ISN’T YOUR LIFE WORTHY OF THE SAME AND MORE? When an issue arises that I can’t resolve alone; It’s a no brainer to pick up the phone and call the best I can and ask for ideas outright. A few times a year I’ll bring in some “killer deserts” and serve $60/Pound Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and we sit around and ‘bang heads’. This isn’t an excuse for a booze up but rather an excuse to go to Teddy’s and be pampered. The cake and coffee is nice but the interaction, contacts and ideas that bubble up are just as enjoyable and invaluable.

Angelo owns a gigantic road building company and he brings in a chef to serve his now famous ribs.

BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE … He also brings in the most personable and breathtakingly beautiful models on the planet, to make sure his guest’s needs are suitably addressed. When Angelo’s office calls … No one trots out the lame “I’ll try to be there” We always go.

Invite a few progressive friends over with the objective of addressing your needs. Tell ’em about the cake and coffee only and curiosity will make sure they attend. Tell ’em that they are on the Board of Directors of your life after they arrive. You’ll be amazed at what bubbles up.

In an era where change comes at lightening speed. We need all the resources we can get our hands on. The idea of a personal board of directors starts to make sense.

Icon Info   Here


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