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May 25, 2008

Avoiding getting your contributions hijacked.

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In another forum; I’d posted a discovery that questioned the value of pursuing local vs distant business and referenced the resource.

It’s Here “Is the grass really greener over the fence”

The reason I’d showcased my colleagues’ discovery was to bring value to the forum and because she had featured my work on a couple of occasions, I now had an opportunity to reciprocate. ….. Sound fair?

The author of the showcased resource noticed and quickly thanked me which afforded another opportunity to showcase more of her work and segue into a complementing resource of my own.

Still following?

The thread quickly transformed into discussions about fertilizer, growing tomatoes for health & profit, keeping deer out of the garden, death of a cat, mother’s garden, squirrel & raccon as entree’s and rabbit stew.

The puzzling part …. My colleague had invested time creating a valuable resource. …. I had invested time and brought my discovery to the forum. Did all they see in the subject line was “Green” and “Fence” and proceed to make assumptions?    (Maybe it’s time to re-read your headlines writing folio, Teddy ).

Here’s my question …… When there are supposedly knowledgeable business folks in the forum …. Why would they spent time to hijack the post and actively dilute the focus by posting and replying to irrelevant comments?

At the moment; I’m not likely to be seeking ways to validate and showcase those who actively diverted the thread and the sad part is; They don’t know they’ve just sabotaged themselves.

When we support others … They’ll usually seek ways to support us. The reverse is also true.

In a similar vein ….. Even though stars who may have had a recent, raging battle, are guests on the same talk show; All in the garden appears to be serene to the viewers. (AKA presenting a unified front ).

Our life is about the choices we make! I choose to support, validate, empower and become the wind beneath my friends’ wings and definitely avoid crowding their place in the sun at all costs. Don’t you?

I usually don’t even acknowledge the garbage but felt that by relating my experience; I may raise the possible necessity of baby-sitting our work long enough to prevent hijacking of the thread and keep it on track.


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