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December 9, 2008

Don’t miss out on the magic Phenomenon of Retweeting.

The phenomenon of Retweeting is one of the powerful features available to us for growing a quality followers list.

If you wanted List Building on Steroids …. Retweeting may be your answer.

When you discover a gem that you wish to share with your Friendforce (AKA Followers). and click the send button either as a post or Retweet …. You’ve just unleashed 2 incredible forces.

Incredible force No.1 …. You’ve just said loud and clear that you’ve seen this author’s work and value it highly enough to want to share this discovery with your friends. …. (You’re thinking of them).

Incredible force No.2 …. You’ve jump started a warm and fuzzy feeling about you within the original Tweeter who will now be looking at your work and seeking an opportunity to do the same for you and tell all his/her friends how wonderful you are.

Here’s great article on maximizing your profile to get new followers. http://tinyurl.com/5gpk9s

I’ve just instituted an inviolate policy. ….. For anyone who thinks enough of my nuggets and retweets them ….. I’ll search their blog to find something worthy of raving about to my friends. …   It’s the least I can do to acknowledge this kindness.

Here’s where the supercharger kicks in ….. Even if only a hand full of his/her followers see value in your work and Retweet; Your work has the possibility of being seen by tens of thousands of Twitters that you never knew existed and you’ll quickly discover your Friend force has grown.

Takeaway No1. …. Write life or business enhancing content.   Your work will be browsed and the visitor will quickly determine whether they like you and want to join your Friendforce.   (Some of these visitors will have tens of thousands in their Friendforce and you don’t want to miss out on all this; Do you).

GILDING THE LILY DEPT.   It’s a must to create anticipation when Tweeting or retweeting (AKA RT). …. “@Susie ( Fictitious name) just showed me how to . This is a hoot http://tinyurl/ofurchoice ” will get more action than “Check this out “.    An anticipation creating Tweet speaks volumes about you and will determine the success of your Tweet.

Takeaway No2. …. Seek an opportunity to retweet a couple of times every day and you’ll soon be discovering that your list of folks who want to know more about you, is expanding every day.

Retweeting is the great unsung powerhouse of the many communications platforms available to us.

More valuable insights & Retweeting strategies from AJ Vaynerchuk.

See more of the nuts & bolts of retweeting in graph format @Pistachio’s Blog

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  1. Hi Teddy – thanks for your earlier visit and comment.

    What can I say? I’m a big fan of social networking full stop. I think, particularly if you’re a business, that any visit is a good visit – another opportunity to ‘spread the word’ to just one more person that previously was ignorant of your and your products or services existance.

    With great power comes great responsibility…. I like to think with any social networking comes the responsibility to behave responsibly and with courtesy, other wise what sort of an example do we set? Whether that’s blogging, tweeting or facebooking – whatever the platform, it makes no difference.

    Part of the problem may be that these social networking ‘explosions’ with a lack of ground rules mean initially anything goes until a core of users start to shape and define what is and isn’t acceptable. Unwelcome behaviour eventually gets weeded out because it gets ignored and for example on Twitter if you get a follow request – visit the person only to discover such stats as 1200 following, 9 followers, 1 update then you’re not very likely to reciprocate the follow.

    I really enjoyed your article on re-tweeting – looking forward to putting some of it into practice.

    Cheers – Jonathan
    on twitter: fabphotogifts.twitter.com

    Comment by Fabulous Photo Gifts — February 6, 2009 @ 4:53 am | Reply

  2. Hi Teddy,

    I am a few months new with Twitter, and I did my first RT today.

    Great new stuff going on via twitter. Cool experience. The RT post
    showed immediately.

    Your message posted here has a lot of truth in it. I learned a thing or two.
    A good thing, of course.I don’t mind RT, helping others get exposure and
    recognized – because I am open minded enough to know I help self at the
    same time. My articles will be seen and read soon.

    Continue to Tweet and RT, searching for relative subjects and quality content
    to pass on to my followers (to come), knowing – my business can gain visibility
    and be discovered while I am broadcasting about other businesses in existence as
    well, as I usually do anyway! “Give and you shall receive!”

    Why not give Joe’s ole saloon a few props/recognition, or ==>

    Why not help Mary get on the map/spotlight, from just a few clicks of your mouse?

    Tweet, Retweet, Tweet, and Retweet some more – respectfully! Huge audience!!

    Thanks for all the insight, knowledge and resources given here in your article, Ted!
    I Will return in the near future.

    BTW…Can I T/RT this post of yours?

    Blessings – Bettie
    on twitter: http://twitter.com/businessdevatip

    Comment by Bettie — June 5, 2009 @ 4:50 am | Reply

    • Bettie.

      Apologies for this tardiness.

      Of course you may retweet this article. …. There’s now a “Tweet This” birdie on the original post that lets you ReTweet with a single click.

      Thanks for visiting and your interest.


      Comment by teddytowncrier — October 5, 2009 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

  3. Agree with all the above comments, the viral power of retweeting has to also be tempered with a good dose of social conscience. The power of give and take.

    Comment by Byron Hinterland Accommodation — April 21, 2010 @ 2:27 am | Reply

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