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October 13, 2008

They’re paying Joe $5,000 an hour to share his new toy.

I prefer to invest, rather than spend, both my time and my money.

As newlyweds and soon after we moved into our new home;   Mama was excited and fully expecting new furniture to go with it …… Can you imagine my reception upon arriving home with a load of new equipment but furniture nowhere in sight and a revelation that there wasn’t likely to be new furniture any time soon?

The equipment quickly earned enough to provide Mama with a blank cheque for furnishings and we still had the equipment which continued to generate good revenue for many years.

As the years went by ……. Showing up in a pick-up was becoming a bit tired and a decent car fitted the bill better.

The make and model decision was based solely on lowest cost per year for ownership and “How l can I make this pile of iron earn it’s keep”?

I settled on a Fleetwood Brougham primarily because the style changed very little from year to year and I could get ten years from this investment without it going out of style and looking like a down at heel wannabe driving around town in a clapped out banger.    It turned out to be the cheapest cost per year for any automobile I’ve ever owned.

It paid for itself from day one. ….. As you may have discovered. … having the car of your dreams works wonders for self esteem. … It certainly did for me; I confidently increased my fees 25% and contracts awarded increased similarly. …. We got a bit of industry buzz too since I was the only contractor in town whose crew had a Caddy for a job car.

The object of this post isn’t to flaunt a pile of Detroit Iron that’s on it’s way to the scrap yard but rather;  To illustrate an example of investment focussed thinking rather than emotional, “I want” spending.

I was well satisfied with the return on this investment but Joe recently put me to shame when he raised the bar significantly with his example for return on investment.    Joe is pocketing upwards of $5,000/Hr with his new toy and it’s only a few hours old.

For the rest of the who, what, where and how of Joe’s fascinating story.    Click Here

Enjoy …. Then;  Put your thinking cap on.

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