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November 21, 2008

Giving the auto industry all the help we can.

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Let’s give the auto industry all the help they really need.

I’m saddened to hear the press and talking heads continue blathering on about automobile executives taking their own transportation to meetings.

When 6 million jobs are in these executive’s hands;    I don’t suspect the employees would object to chipping in one cent each to get their bosses to meetings at which the livelihood of their families hang.

Shame on government officials for holding up these execs to ridicule.     These same officials hold their strategy meetings in private. … Why is it so unreasonable for auto industry management to avail themselves of the privacy and time maximization that corporate aircraft provide.    You don’t expect them to address vital matters and make telephone calls in an airport coffee shop …. Do you?

I wonder which of these criticizing congress persons will be giving up their executive travel comforts and take the bus when visiting their constituency.   Get real and take care of the necessary such as insisting that foriegn auto makers open up their markets to our automobiles.

The auto industry executives have created products that have been the envy of the world for decades and are charged with the responsibility of providing the daily bread for millions of families.

Let’s give them our confidence, support and prayers and tell the nay sayers loud and clear, where the bear really poops in the berry patch.

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