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November 13, 2008

If we can bitch … We still have a chance.

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Izzie was a mature Jewish gentleman who had emigrated to Canada, sought opportunity in a strange land, pursued his vision with passion and energy and is now a successful, respected developer owning several multi-story apartment buildings.

This treasured client had a number tattooed on his arm (As many of my clients did). and Izzy’s greatest gift to me was his philosophy of … “Ted;  As long as we can bitch … we still have a chance!”.

I arrived home tonight and my home was still standing.    I’ve traveled for several hours through this metropolis and never feared being blasted off the planet or being accosted by soldiers or roving bandits.     and … “Praise the Lord!” … The electricity still works.  Would you agree? … Compared to many others … We have it pretty good?

Amin lives in the Middle East where monstrous concrete walls, sanctions, restrictions, barbed wire, soldiers, rockets and dynamite are making life very difficult for his family and many others.    Even so;  Even with these horrible restrictions;   Amin and his neighbours can obtain almost everything they need whether it be meat, fuel or livestock because they have enlisted the aid of sewer and water contractors to dig tunnels under the borders and have even installed their own fuel and water pipe-lines.

See: “Gazans smuggle lions, monkeys into zoo via secret tunnels”. Click Here

Should we be “digging a tunnel” and developing alternate delivery mechanisms for obtaining what we need.

For increasing or retaining cash flow;  It may mean sub-letting some of our space, taking lunch to work in a bag, car pooling or even taking a second job.   Look at the winners around us! …. Is it fair to say that they’ll do what the average person won’t to get to where the average person can’t?

See … They’re paying Joe $5,000 an hour to share his toys … Click Here

Others may buckle down and invest their evenings creating an achievable “To do” list to accomplish both short and long term goals

I’ve squeezed the dollar so tightly that the eagle stopped screaming long ago.

It really pains me to pay $1.50 for a cup of coffee and $5,00 for a fancy schmancy latte is completely out of the question. …. If anyone is going to be using my money to lounge on a yacht;   It’s going to be me and not Howard Schultz.

That $5.00 spent on coffee transforms into $50 over the years when solidly invested to yield 15% …. So my coffee is really costing me $50.00 and that’s painful.    (Every day;  Thousands of savvy, ordinary men and women are enjoying rock solid returns of 15-40% on small investments ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand. … Including me ).

Hourly; We see folks moaning about “economic problems” and while new and different focus , priorities and strategies are possibly needed more than ever;  Are we struggling with outside economic influences     Or is the real demon in our lives our own attitude?

Attitude always determined altitude and still does!

Start thinking about what kind of tunnel you can start digging to obtain what you need and tell ’em that you don’t see any recession.     There’s 300 million customers on our doorstep.  Our job is to identify and provide them with what they need.

If the current pipe-line isn’t delivering what we need ….. Maybe it’s time to dig a different tunnel.


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