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November 27, 2008

Kicking the door wide open when broadcasting.

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Last night I learned that an Australian Twitter friend , Hayley Solich (Twitter @Womencan) was broadcasting her show and promptly alerted all my pals to listen in via the Internet and suggested they send emails to “assist” her.

A big plus for the Internet is that whether our interests are in babies or boats; We get to meet and exchange exciting ideas with similar minds all over the world. See Towncrier’s Resource Map. … Click Here

… and since the net is so fast; Results are instantaneous.

When I heard “You are the wind beneath my wings”; I though it was for me but alas, my request from Canada doesn’t seem to have been received. … (A bit miffed but I’ll get over it).

Apart from having invested 2 minutes of my life promoting her show and being so pointedly ignored …. I enjoyed her show and the love for her audience comes through loud & clear.

So here’s the “Hot list” for when you’re using conventional radio to broadcast.

1. Keep a “For broadcasting uses only” Twitter account open and interact with your Twitter listeners (Make sure you mention their Twitter name & URL).

2. Mention your Twitter account frequently and build your Twitter Friend Force

3. For listeners who don’t/can’t/ won’t use Twitter …. Keep a simple chat box open with your banner ad across the top and interact with them. (See Towncrier’s Chat box … Click Here ).

Heck! … You’re talking to a couple of hundred thousand people who want to be there ….. Kick the door wide open and maximize it!

Get to know Hayley …. She’s a smoking Aussie gal who is doing a fabulous job in her community, both on and off, air.

I’m sure she’ll be posting her contact details in the comments below. ….. and would it kill ya to comment, too?


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  1. Hi Teddy
    Some great ideas. Funny that Wind Beneath My Wings was your request, as I sang that tonight at my girlfriend’s house! I’m going to see if I can get Twitter up in the studio, as I think that’s a fabulous idea and a great way to get the Twitter following involved in what I am doing. I really appreciate your care today as well. I have a feeling that life is going to come right way up very soon and perhaps some of that is to do with the hubby moving in with us. We’ll see. At least I know that God is on my side, the miracle is a great reminder that he knows the plans he has for us (http://allthingswomen.blogspot testimonial).
    Take care and I hope that sweetie turns up for you real soon.

    Comment by Hayley Solich — November 28, 2008 @ 12:50 pm | Reply

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