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November 29, 2008

Broadcasters; Turn every listener into 5 more with this viral strategy.

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Broadcasters.     You aren’t Hopin’ n Wishin’ listeners will find you;   Are you?

Here’s how you can turn every song request into 5 more listeners by transforming your request form into a non-stop, marketing machine and become rich and famous without lifting a finger or even caring how it works.

It starts with a “Show specific” request form complete with branding banner in an easily remembered URL .

After request submission. … The “Thank you!” page would present an idea or offer for consideration. … Heck you have their attention. We should take this opportunity to engage them.

Naturally; … This listener will be receiving a “Thank You!” email with a form that encourages them to tell 5 friends about your broadcast. and an incentive (Win a Trip to Disney, 4 Movie Tickets or similar). for telling all their friends.

Since this “Hey look what I’m listening to!” is from someone the recipient knows …. Open rates are extremely high. (….. and don’t even think of harvesting these friends’ addresses).

If you think your fame and honeyed tones alone are enough to attract millions of listeners to your broadcast …. Then the place for this idea is in the dumpster.

…. On the other hand ….. If the idea of turning every listener into a fanatical evangelist for your broadcast is an idea you could get used to … Click on this link and let’s get you the whole story.   (… and if it doesn’t cost anything to take a look;   Is there isn’t any reason you wouldn’t?)    Click Here

Your Stumble and/or comments welcomed and appreciated.

To your fame and fortune.

Teddy Towncrier CPP Towncrier-Media.com Supercharging Your Visions.


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  1. Hey Teddy
    Great ideas here, once again.
    I’m thinking of rebranding myself as “The I Can Woman”. What do you think?
    PS Looks like I’ll be doing solo gigs from now on at the station as my partner in crime has pulled the pin!

    Comment by Hayley Solich — November 30, 2008 @ 3:12 am | Reply

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