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November 14, 2008

Help me fill a Christmas Kettle.

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A few years ago;   A substantial, unexpected windfall arrived along with a voice in my head that said … “Remember Hot-Shot! .. This isn’t your money .. You’re only the custodian and I’m watching”. .. (True incident).

What’s a fella to do except share part of his windfall, take his skinny carcass over to the local Sally Ann and make a donation.   ( Haiti had recently been devastated by a hurricane and since they have so little to begin with;   I specified Haiti support).

While leaving the building; My phone rang and it was a colleague offering me a clean, no-brainer, proposition that would put $5,000 in my pocket.  ( How’s that for an Eye-Popper)?

Although the deal was mine for the asking.    We didn’t do the deal.

Fast forward to mid November 2008.     While getting started on my day, this morning;   Target Stores’ policy of not allowing Salvation Army Kettles in their stores, popped into to my mind.     Further investigation clearly indicates that while the policy seems to still be in place;  The Salvation Army enjoys a valuable relationship with Target Stores.

A few hours later;   I noticed a Twitter follower @Lovinkat mentioning the Sally Ann’s Red Kettle appeal and investigated the post ….. and here we are!   ( Another eye-popper? )

I’m fully aware that only the best people are in my circle, all pure as driven snow and none would dream of dropping an extra fifty in the collection plate as “Insurance”.

Additionally;   I don’t suspect that any of my associates have ever had accounts receivables so crushing that they haven’t been able to buy the week’s groceries or had to miss a car payment … but I have and on occasion had to go cap in hand to outside sources.   For many it’s The Churches that step into the breech.

Today … We have an opportunity to share the blessings we have been entrusted with. …. Many are hurting and all the Food Banks are skinnier than they have been in ages.

Take a moment to drop a few dollars into this brand spanking new, Salvation Army iKettle.   (No guarantees of “Insurance” but it won’t harm you).    … and remember …. There’s never a U-Haul behing the hearse so you won’t be taking it with you.

Here’s where you can help me fill my kettle. ….. Click Here


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