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November 28, 2008

Surprised and nervous about this new Christmas wind.

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I no longer act incensed in front of a store full of customers when wished “Happy Holidays” by merchants and had to pinch myself while arising this morning and hearing Canadian Tire radio commercials containing the words “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas shopping”.

Listening to the morning drivel on the same radio station; I then learned that Lowes Stores were greeting shoppers with “Merry Christmas” and had even festooned their stores with a banner proclaiming the same wishes.

…. and that’s not all. ……. Our very own esteemed Provincial Premier was caught on tape suggesting that we support the economy by continuing our “Christmas Shopping”.

Can’t help wondering if there’s a sinister movement afoot and were being softened up for some major social diversion like grading school children according to their test scores, suspending Ritalin use or even returning the Ten Commandments to our schools.

If the 100,000 kids who used Facebook to get our Premier’s attention over proposed changes to young driver’s laws get wind of this …. We may even have “happy holidays” removed from municipal neon signs and even have “Merry Christmas” included.

I’m getting nervous ….. This is strange behavior.

See also: 68% of American adults Prefer “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” Survey results here


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