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May 17, 2010

The NetBook is harnessed to earn it’s keep.

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A Tiny Acer Aspire One Netbook recently arrived in the stable and it’s turning into a really useful tool.

I needed a lightweight web appliance that lets me go on line wherever there’s a Wi-Fi signal or connection and could also be my telephone.

With a little tweaking here’s what our overpaid, bone idle Prima Donnas managed to put together.

A. My US, UK and Canadian phones all ring on the netbook and can be answered wherever I am. (I carry a small folding headset which acts as my telephone hand set).      Faxes also arrive on this unit. …. I don’t have to scurry around town trying to find someone who will receive a fax for me.

B. If the phone is off; … I’m alerted via eMail and can listen to the attached Voice-Mail messages.     A galaxy of connectivity and my telephone bill is still only $15/Mth and that includes cellular.

See “A phone number for your Laptop” …. http://phone.2freedom.com/

C. A Favourite Radio/TV Stations List which lets me tune in to my favourite broadcasts even when away. … (Make as many presets as needed).

D. Skype MSN & Yahoo video calls with it’s built in camera.

E. Stream video to my TV set.

F. Reads the pics & videos in my camera either USB or with its card reader.

The built in speakers leave much to be desired but when conventional speakers are plugged in; The audio is almost awesome.

If I wanted to use it as a TV Tuner;     USB TV Tuners are readily available. … (I’m partial to Tigerdirect.com as a supplier, since their user reviews are fairly objective and don’t seem to be edited. They cheerfully exchange merchandise).

The only down side is;   It doesn’t have a DVD drive but that’s not really a problem since one could be easily plugged in.

For just $275 for hardware;   It’s a dynamite little package 7″ x 10″ and only one inch thick.

Feel free to leave us your comment or ideas for supplemental resources you have discovered.

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