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April 3, 2010

Sixteen Prosperity Secrets.

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               1. WORK POSITIVE.   There are no money problems; there are only attitude problems.
                  A go-getter with the proper attitude cannot be denied.

                2. FACE YOUR FEAR.   You always find the best fishing holes in the places
                   where the average fisherman s afraid to go.

                3. WATCH THE CROWD - and then go in the opposite direction.

                4. KNOW VALUE.  Until you know value everything is worthless.
                   As soon as you know value, everything is valuable.


                6. People who live "The Golden Rule" get the gold.

                7. Money is attracted to great ideas.

                8. YOU ARE YOUR WEALTH.  The money that flows to you is just a by-product
                    of your non-financial resources.


                10. A network saves legwork.

                11. ROUTINE BRINGS RESULTS.   A disorganized genius is no match for the
                     average person with a daily routine.

                12. There are no wealth secrets:
                     Common sense plus action equals prosperity.

                13  KEEP YOUR WORD.  A man known for keeping his word can quickly and easily,
                     rebuild his mansion should disaster strike.

                14. SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS.  Be aware that we are only the custodian of
                     the resouces we have accumulated and enjoy daily.

                15. Small minds talk about people, mediocre about events.  Great minds focus
                     upon concepts.

                16. We become what we think about.  Be preccupied with only that which is
                     wholesome, constructive and true.

	That Your Days May Be Long Upon The Land ...

				At some time in everyone's life they will stumble across opportunity.
				Sadly, most people will pick themselves up and walk away as though
				nothing had ever happened.    - Winston Churchill

				From my friend Donna down in Phoenix,

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