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October 29, 2009

The lightbulb came on and now I’m eating organic.

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My formal education is agriculture and know a bit about food production whether it’s walking around or planted and it’s long been a niggling concern that I’m eating food that is grown in soil which has been drenched in poisons for the last 50 years.

I do recall that the potatoes we collected from the spot in the field where the barnyard manure had been stockpiled tasted much better than those from the rest of the field.

Recently I learned that organically grown tomatoes had 50% more Lycopine and 100% more anti-oxidants than non-organic.

Genetically modified foods (GM Foods) are also a niggling concern and when I discovered that some species had been modified to create their own pest control which required less chemicals to be sprayed on crops to control pests; … The bells began to ring.

Now came the Eureka moment ….. These poisons are now inside the crop and I’m eating them!

Today’s food is not produced for nutrition and taste! … It’s grown for yield, shipping tolerance and shelf life.

The time has come for me to bite the bullet, travel a little further and pay a little more for my foods. … I’m going organic.

You may wish to research “Organic designation” as it applies to your area since there is more than one standard for “Organic” certification. More

See also: Food Inc. The Trailer.   and this discussion. …. Is Organic a Hoax?

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