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October 1, 2009

How My Biggest Consulting Fee dropped out of the blue.

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Since deciding to explore the possibilities of using the internet to expand my circle;   I’m fortunate to be extra blessed with a few special, new friends

Lamar Jon Morgan is one of them and as those who know him will agree;   Lamar is one of the most innovative and generous in our circle.  Whenever there is a possibility …. Lamar quickly puts the parties in direct contact without even a hint of requiring any fee for the introduction.

So when he came knocking and was requesting a few marketing ideas for Elaine Marie’s N. CA. Spirit Lake Soul Healing Retreat , I didn’t hesitate and was soon chatting to Elaine.

Sprit Lake

Sprit Lake

Since Lamar had done me a few favours;   I advised Elaine that I would be waiving my fee and there would be no charge for this consultation.

Elaine wouldn’t hear of it and insisted I be her guest at her Luxury Hawaii Rental Properties. ….. After thanking her;   I mentioned that I would likely be accepting her generous offer as soon as I had someone to share the enjoyment with.


Elaine had an answer for that too and proceeded to raphsodize about one of her friends, Dee.  (Not her real name).

After ascertaining that the Dee was genuinely single and not seeking a Canadian anything to marry and obtain citizenship through;   I gave the OK and next day a note arrived in my mail.

Dee turned out to be an effervescent California transplant with fascinating stories and we shared an hour and a half exploring, got along splendidly and quickly discovered we had many similar philosophies and tastes.  When she mentioned that she had just returned from The Burning Man Festival; I immediately gave her 2 more stars since Burning Man is on my must visit list.


Dee is a delightful lady and if she were just a tad closer;   We’d certainly be cooking together this weekend and maybe even have wine from a bottle with a real cork in it.    Looks as though it may have to wait until Hawaii.

Now that’s what I call a consulting fee.

What started out as a supporting gesture …. Turned out to be compensation far in excess of what I would dare to charge.

Thanks again, Lamar, for being my friend and for your un-stinting generosity and thoughfulness.     

Moral of this story. …. Take the opportunity to give some-one a leg up without concern for any payment.    You will be repaid far more handsomely than ever imagined.

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  1. That is the sweetest example I’ve ever heard of “what comes around, goes around”.

    Comment by Vanessa Shelton — October 1, 2009 @ 4:03 pm | Reply

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