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September 26, 2009

I filled my water tank, today. As an emergency precaution.

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I filled my water tank, today as an emergency precaution.

Filling a water tank is not a huge deal until the electricity is off and we don’t have water.   I’ve had too many warnings that this can happen to me that I’m now starting to heed the warnings.

One snowy night, many years ago we were returning from finishing a contract 50 miles away and none of the traffic lights were functioning. … Neither were the street lamps nor power to the houses.

Fortunately I lived in a conventional house and didn’t have to climb 20 flights of stairs to get home but not having dinner nor any water was not the most exciting welcome to a tough drive home after working all day.

On another occasion; We were returning home from the job and noticed a huge steam cloud on the horizon. … My first thought was that there was a “meltdown” at the nuclear generating station on the edge of town. …. Guess what? … Meltdown at the nuclear generating station on the edge of town. …. A reactor had malfunctioned!

Since then we’ve experienced several power outages from equipment malfunctions, someone knocking over a power pole and ice storms tearing the transmission lines down.     Fortunately; I’ve never endured too much inconvenience or discomfort but some communities have been without power for weeks.

Also;   There are folks around that plain don’t like us (Remember Pan-Am Lockerbie and 9-11?)     I fully expect an attack on our electrical supply and distribution network and needed to be ready when power is interrupted.

The water tank mentioned earlier was purchased from the corner store for $10.   These bottles were supposed to go back to the bottled water supplier for a $10 refund but I managed to purchase one instead.

I’ve had candles, battery radio and reflective space blankets for a while and always have a fair stock of food on hand … Just in case.

My next purchases will be a Charcoal Bar- B-Q    (Gas cylinders can leak). and a wind up radio because I don’t have too much luck finding fully charged batteries when I need them.

The whole ball of wax has only cost me $50 and it’s a really cheap insurance policy for the next time we lose power.    I’m in a Highrise but if in a house; I’d certainly be adding a generator to the mix.

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  1. Very sound advice Teddy. I think everyone should give some thought to emergency procedures. We started 10 years ago during all the chatter about Y2K. That’s when I made sure there was always extra water, food, candles and other staples (including a bag of charcoal for the grill) on hand to last a week or so. It’s a good idea to be prepared for disaster, natural or man-made.

    Great article!


    Comment by Vanessa Shelton — September 26, 2009 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

  2. I commend your foresight Teddy. I think about the power going out in Canada quite a bit. My sister lives out in the never-never in New Brunswick, and frankly I was incredulous when she told me she’d bought an electric stove, not gas, when she redid her kitchen. I’d rather not imagine how bad it would be in winter there with no electicity. And yes, it is not that long ago, that towns lost power in North America for more than a week.

    Comment by Lindy Asimus — September 26, 2009 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

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