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August 24, 2009

Latest addition to my Wish Wall. Did it produce too quickly?

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Speaking with a UK cousin recently; I mentioned the power of having a wish wall and how it has delivered for me.

Geoff has a touch of arthritis and seems to be feeling his maturity but I quickly mentioned how expectancy is an important part of our lives and that I fully expect to be still batting at age 90.

Immediately afterwards; I realized that I should be programming my subconscious for more than 90 and soon plastered a new stylized “112” on my wish wall.

The design of the stylized characters was italics at a slight angle and It soon occurred to me that they should be standing straight rather than on an angle and quickly modified the art to have the characters vertical.

Only a strong and proud 112 should be used for this important, subconscious programming.

I did not print out and replace the existing sign with the new one with vertical characters.

Soon after creating and storing, the vertically styled 112 …. A painful back condition developed and I can’t help wondering if having less than a strong and proud “112” displayed had programmed my subconscious for a slightly leaning 112 years and this back discomfort was the start of the “Leaning years”?

The old italicized 112 has now been removed and replaced with The New Vertical 112 which is now prominently on display View Here

It took about a week after displaying the new “112”, for my back to clear up. Interesting! HMMM?

Although visualization is a tremendously powerful tool for programming our subconscious and subsequently producing results; I don’t think for a minute that the wall delivers anything. …. Our Creator provides what He considers we are worthy of.

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  1. What a great idea! I try to practice self talk and stay focused on the positive, but I can see how having visual reminders always about could only help the process along.

    Thanks, Teddy. I’m going to assemble my own “wishing wall”.

    Comment by Vanessa Shelton — October 9, 2009 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

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