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August 23, 2009

There’s more to Children’s Video Game Addiction than I ever imagined.

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There’s more to children’s video game addiction than I ever imagined.

Brandon Crisp’s parents seem to plant the responsibility for his death solidly at the feet of the gaming world.

If there are children anywhere in your circle ….. You need to see this and let your friends know.

Canada’s CBC TV has a disturbing documentary on these very real dangers … Here’s The Enchilada

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  1. Certainly it is tragic that a young person died, however, one cannot lay blame at the manufacturers of the game – that’s almost as tupid as the person who got burned, blaming McDonald’s because THEY spilled the coffee!

    A normal, well adjusted teen with a well-rounded and loving family might have reacted differently.

    My opinion is that there was much, much more to this story than simply the removal of a game – the removed game was the childs’ last bastion of refuge and/or pleasure, so when that was removed, he had nothing left.

    How do you stop a child from leaving home? You can’t imprison him! But why did it get to this? What happened to make the parents remove the game? My guess is that there were many months of arguments over other things and that the parents perceived the game as the cause of distraction.

    By the time a child reaches the age of 15, their character is already formed.

    So, would the child have lived, had the XBox not been removed from him or would there have been another altercation at another time with similar results?

    Blaming the game (or the manufacturers)for his death is as silly as blaming the tree he fell out of or the weather, for his hypothermia.

    Clearly a lot more investigation is required before laying blame.

    Comment by ocdreamhometeam — August 24, 2009 @ 11:36 am | Reply

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