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July 20, 2009

Are they selling us water and charging us for the meat?

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It’s long been a burr under my saddle that so much water runs out of my sliced meats and it’s not hard to feel that water may have been added to the product and that they’re selling me water at the price of meat.

I’m an “Aggie” by training and can work the numbers for meat production and when observing to a rabbit meat producer, that my numbers didn’t indicate profitability. …. He told me that he soaked the dressed carcasses in water, overnight.

I’m not suggesting that all meat processors may be doing this. …. However;   Recently a TV food show mentioned that Trisodiumphosphate (TSP). was included in scallops processing since “It helps them to absorb more water”.


A bit of research turned up an interesting movie about the use of TSP in foods processing…… Form your own opinions.

I’ll be roasting my own chicken, ham and beef and/or buying my sliced meats from the local Organic Butcher from here in.

Although a bit technical and dry. … Here’s The enchilada.

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  1. Teddy,
    You are a wealth of Common Sense Information.

    For the past 67 years of my exciting life I have been fortunate
    to Be fed (as a Youngster) and Provide as much “Non processed” Meat,
    Poultry and Fish as possible.

    My children enjoyed our Raising Chickens, Rabbit, Pork and Beef
    on our small plot of land and realized what THEY Were FOR,
    to earn Money and EAT.

    We fished several times a week for the Sport and the FOOD.
    Shirley is enjoying Salmon Steaks tonight.
    And like yourself, we shop at the LOCAL Butcher Shop featuring locally
    Grown Products. Yes, our small town of 4,000 has a USDA Abattoir.

    Household is just two of us now so we benefit our neighbors
    by purchasing their naturally fed
    Animals and we have them Ranch killed and wrapped.

    Yes I am getting Lazy!

    All of these methods are VERY cost Effective.
    and in my travels across the US of A it seemed to me if Urban dwellers
    can find such an environment not too far form the City lights.

    Of course all of this was possible because I DECIDED How
    I was to Live and be in Control of My income.

    It is called Simple Planning and declaration of Self!

    Comment by Chuck Bartok — August 1, 2009 @ 4:30 pm | Reply

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