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June 28, 2009

Heading off cash flow challenges.

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I know no-one here ever encounters any cash flow challenges but as the Christian thing to do this fine Sunday morning …. You may wish to pass this along.

A couple of cash handling tips I’ve discovered …..

An acquaintance posted on Twitter how she was treated badly by a staffer at one of the national electronics stores. She was so ticked that she blabbed about the experience on twitter and named names.

Her plan now seems to be …. Create a web page describing her experience and show it to the store manager and ask for his comment before blasting the announcement to a couple of million on Twitter. …. If he has any moxie; He’ll turn this unfortunate incident into a positive and make sure her post is favourable to his corporation. … (A $100 gift certificate sounds about right).

Item No2. … MythBuster’s Adam Savage uses Twitter to help nuke $11,000 phone bill More Compliments of @tfollowers

Item No3. The ins & outs of using credit cards to your advantage More. Compliments of @calreg See also this recent Towncrier blog post.

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