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June 22, 2009

Major players are increasing video ads budget while slashing conventional ads.

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Imagine you’re watching an interactive movie in which the heroine arrives in a “greener” car and a message pops up inviting you to click and explore this cute car.

As you’re watching the short clip showcasing this car, additional pop-ups arrive on the screen inviting you to explore the engine and transmission options, interiors, trim and financing options.

When this showcase is over and you return to the movie. …. The value of this particular automobile will be solidly embedded in the viewers’ memory along with the subtle psychological motivators in the clip.    A memorable experience amplified whenever our viewer sees any mention of that featured automobile!

Embedding showcases for people, places and things in a movie is not a new concept but it is one being increasingly embraced by some serious, savvy players who, while perhaps are shrinking conventional ad budgets are increasing budgets for video presentations.

Writer Kenneth Hein goes much deeper into the who, what, where, how and why in his fascinating article in June 20-09 Brandweek. Including who was the top shopped automaker online for the month of April.   It’s all here folks

Video can tell your story …. Interactive video builds a thousand dreams.

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