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June 13, 2009

Update on Set Top Digital TV Converter

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Having a couple of days using my new Digital TV signal converter to grab the over the air (OTA) digital TV signals I can reflect on whether it was a good investment.

Overall …. I’m happy with the result although the functionality is not exactly “Silky smooth”.

For example …. The new TV converter seems to overlook a couple of stations which were available previously and I have to use it’s zapper to turn it off and use the old zapper and my TV set’s tuner to tune in those stations.

Another minor annoyance is that a couple of Digital Station’s signals are occasioally pixellated.

Now understand that even though I have a decent $35, amplified antenna ; It’s far from a fancy schmancy unit and a better one may deliver better results.

Bottom Line? …. It was a good buy! …. The $750/Yr savings come in handy at Christmas.

See also … I just love to sticking it to The Man. … Today it was the Cable Co’s turn. Click Here.

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