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June 13, 2009

Sticking it to the man, again.

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As you may already know … I have 5 phone numbers in 3 countries plus fax line and cell phone and my phone bill is running around $15/Mth and it’s all legal.   More

My alarm system, scares the pants of intruders, sends me an alert and a picture whenever anyone enters my premises and that’s another $30/Mth I’m saving.

Today I scored another coup. … This time for my TV service.

Many of the Digital TV channels we view on Cable or via Satellite are available over the air and with the arrival of Digital TV the analog channels were disappearing and my TV selection was becoming pathetically small.

The options were: Buy a shotgun and send these life stealers into the next county,  Shell out serious money for a digital TV.    OR;   Plonk down what amounts to dinner for two for one of those black boxes and get them all back.  (Our U.S. cousins can get a $40 coupon to help with the purchase).

Today: I bit the bullet and purchased one of those set top boxes which was promply hooked up to an existing antenna and am delighted to report that I now have an adequate selection of life wasters including the public channels.

Overjoyed to be saving $150/Mth ….. Between my TV, Phone and security system (AKA Granny Watcher). That’s almost $2,000/Yr I’m keeping in my pocket.

I just love saving money and when I’m “Sticking it to the man” …. It’s even sweeter.

How about you?

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