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May 3, 2009

Keeping the horse before the cart when using Audio/Video in your marketing.

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When using audio and video in your marketing.  Make sure you keep the horse before the cart.

Although a video or audio recorded interview often tells a better story than print;   Putting the cart before the horse can seriously cripple the effectiveness of this dynamic medium.

Excitement and anticipation are easily created in an Interview or video and when you’ve engaged your viewer;   It’s a simple task to nudge them to the next step.

Invest some time in writing ( and re-writing) your scripts and practice your delivery into a recorder and you’ll soon know how you sound and what about your delivery needs attention.

Copy writing is an art and we want to engage the reader so well that they’ll rush to take the next step …. However;  Here’s the “BIG BUT” ….. We’re bombarded with so much promotion that our audiences are becoming weary and if they aren’t grabbed in the first couple of seconds;   They won’t likely view the video.  Desire won’t be generated,   It won’t be viewed and your impact is down the drain.

INSTEAD … Think about putting serious marketing muscle into ballyhooing your interview in your favorite promotion spots and let the excitement you’ve created in your Video/Interview nudge the Viewer/Listener to the next step which may be a web page or form.

Twitter is an excellent medium for promoting your video and if you’ve invested some time in nourishing your followers (AKA my Friendforce)….. Don’t be surprised to find that they’ve come to your aid and your second tier distribution from Re-Tweets is ten times the distribution of your list alone.

Towncrier recently completed an audio interview for a N. California town’s event and the second tier distribution from ReTweets was over ten times the subscribers on the initial list.

CAVEAT …. Nourish your Friendforce by regularly sending them your nuggets and discoveries.  Don’t neglect them for weeks and expect them to jump to your assistance just because you have a promotion.   Treat them as the treasured friends they are and they’ll treat you the same way.    See Don’t be That Guy.

Keep the horse before the cart and use audio and video to generate the excitement which magically turns listeners into Golden Cash Paying Customers.


Teddy Towncrier CPP Towncrier-Media.com Supercharging Your Visions.

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